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Angels Of Power
Mary Madras, left-wing back-bencher in The Australian Federal Parliament, learns that her son Thomas, an embryologist, has implanted an embryo in his new wife Marta. The sperm is from his twin brother Jesus, and the egg from his dead mistress. Marta's revelation begins a parliamentary campaign against new reproductive technologies; a modern 'storming of the Acropolis'. However, can Mary unite political enemies, right-wing Athena and independent Green, Diana Hunt? Politics, religion, mythology, new reproductive technologies and the environment interwoven are into an irreverent satire with a keen sense of the ridiculous. Contemporary and provocative.
Blind Salome
Tiny Tim longs to have his father home on Christmas day, but mean old Mr. Scrooge wont give Bob Crachit the day off! There must be a way to change Scrooges mind  perhaps a ghost or two will set Scrooge right. Can this clever boy and his best friend Charlotte save Christmas and change the heart of the meanest man in town? Based on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens
Chronicles Of the French Revolution
A young woman looks back on her struggle to survive tumultuous times during the French Revolution. It is a fast-paced sweep through French history, from events leading to the fall of the Bastille, to the Terror in 1794. In Brechtian style, the play takes the audience into the sparsely armed crowds storming the Bastille, with the 6000 women who marched to Versaille. It follows the path of ill-fated Marie Antoinette and exploits of Theroign de Mericourt. In the final scene it is clear women played a much greater part in the Revolution than knitting while heads rolled.
About two Australian women, who meet by chance in a corner of the Metropolitan Museum, New York, USA. Lee an expatriot Australian is in the process of a divorce and haunts that corner. Iris a world traveller, is in search of a favourite painting. The play traces their meeting and the development of their relationship.
Gaia's Nightmares
$14.00 PDF download add to cart read extract copy licensing production rights Preview the full script online, with an AustralianPlays.org subscription preview full script GAIA'S NIGHTMARES by Sandra Shotlander A large cast performance piece in five scenes for secondary students to perform. Scene one, using masks and movement, explores the ancient Greek myth of Gaia and Apollo. Gaia curses Apollo with nightmares after he has slain her serpent daughter and entered her shrine. The myth is followed by the nightmares of the past, present and future. In the final scene Gaia is redeemed. This one-act work uses contemporary themes such as i.e environment, war, and family relationships. It contains much humour and scope for imaginative production. Variable cast.
Is That You Nancy? Collected Phone Calls of Gertrude Stein and Others
Eight women sort out their lives and relationships on the phone and answer machines. Gertrude Stein meanwhile is planning a dinner party.
St Kilda Story
The play links the history of the Scottish St Kilda, remote islands beyond the outer Hebrides, with contemporary St Kilda in Melbourne. In 1930 the last thirty-six inhabitants were evacuated from St Kilda, Scotland, ending 4000 years of settlement. Gerry, a schoolboy in contemporary St Kilda, Melbourne, is led on a trail of discovery by Winnie, a resident of a nursing home, in which Gerry's mother Anna is a nursing sister. As the Scottish St Kilda's extraordinary stories are revealed through narrative and song, Gerry sees links with events happening around him. History has spoken.
The Crimson Firefly Circus
This fast-moving mystery has enormous scope for actors, circus performers and musicians. Jack Bertolucci's circus loses its big top in a storm which blows apart lives from inland Australia to South America. Penelope Pertwee, sent to the circus to take photographs for the local paper, begins to unravel the mystery of her aunt, the renowned circus performer, The Crimson Firefly. Meanwhile, street kid, Fingers, is making good in the circus, until his former 'friends' catch up with him. Music, humour, pathos, tumbling and tight-rope walking. Magic for kids, teens and adults. Excellent for secondary school students to perform for primary. Variable cast.

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Sandra Shotlander

Sandra Shotlander s-a nascut la data de 1941 in Melbourne, Australia.

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