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2b or nt 2b
A contemporary humorous take on characters from Shakespeare's Hamlet and Midsummer Night's Dream , Chekhov's Three Sisters and The Seagull, Sophocles' Antigone and Ibsen's Hedda Gabler. Hamlet and Antigone have dysfunctional families, Helena and Masha moon over unattainable boys and Irena and Hedda feel trapped in their boring lives.
4 Billion Likes!
Sixteen-year-old Chloe Anderson from Hamilton starts a blog to immortalize her historically totally important thoughts, and her deepest dreams of winning X-Factor. External events open her eyes to the need to see more in her life than how she can lose 2kg and become a star.
Another Planet
A look at a week in the lives of four school students. Tanya is bored, Nathan is desperate, Tom is uptight and Christy's a bit of a dreamer - and the first fifteen are away at a tournament. The events of this week bring changes to all of them. This play has been written specifically for 15 and 16 year olds to help promote healthy relationships and raise awareness of relationship abuse.
Beauty And the Beast
The classic story adapted for the stage by an outstanding playwright for young audiences.
Blind Date
An exploration of dating practices for 16-18 year old girls.
A lakeside holiday bach in rural New Zealand is the setting for a contemporary family story of love, intrigue and ghosts from the past.
Dear Felicity
A short sketch for 13 year old girls, about falling in love, friendship and growing up. Will Felicity Fiver, the columnist, be able to help?
Dream On
A faithful retelling of A Midsummer Night’s Dream keeping to the original structure but using a modern setting, contemporary language and humour. The fairies have cellphones, Hippolyta has a wedding planner and Bottom & Co are a beer swilling group known as the Unemployed Workers Drama and Cultural Club.
Driving You Crazy
Want to take your chances out on the road? Playing heads or tails with your life? Driving You Crazy is a lively, fun play for young actors and schools about cars and driving, which speaks on young people's level, advocating safe driving without getting preachy.
Eating the Wolf
A tongue-in-cheek retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood story, where Grandmother takes matters into her own hands, eating the wolf and running for Prime Minister. Along the way, we meet other liberated fairy-tale heroines, including Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Rose Red. Written to be performed with live cello music.
Friends Forever
A fun collection of tales, songs and poems about the importance of friendship Ð whether with other people, animals . . . or even your Great Aunt Muriel! Our two young heroes Tom and Charlotte learn that friends come in all shapes and sizes Ð from mice to hippopotami Ð but the importance of friendship stays the same. Friends can argue and they can sometimes expect you to do the strangest things, but with a true friend, help is always there when you need it.
Two sisters meet again at Christmas after one has been living in London for many years. It is a time of domestic reorganisation.
Greener Grass
Topsy turvy relationships and illegal carry ons in the Eliot's cosy upper middle class living room. A comic farce.
Harry Under the Bed
Barnaby Blossom is a nervous boy. Bullied by his nasty nanny, teased by other children, he is afraid of the monsters behind the curtains and in the cupboard under the stairs. Until the day he meets Harry, the friendly monster who lives under his bed, who magically shows him the way to beat his fear - and also, that everyone is afraid of something.
Different teenage reactions to the homework essay 'A Goal I Shall Strive for in Life'
Jack and the Beanstalk
Adaptation of children's story. Jack takes the cow to market and trades her for three beans. Lots of physical humour for children of 2-6 years.
Loose Connections
The outside world presses in on her - Jan's husband has left her for young Sherry, and Jan has moved almost permanently into the garage where she is attempting to establish a relationship with her ex-husband's abandoned car.
Magic in the Air
When Tom tells his sister Charlotte that there is no such thing as magic, a surprise visitor appears and shows them, through story, poem and song, that maybe there is more magic in the air than either of them had realised.
Puss in Boots
An entertaining take, for children, on the familiar story of a clever cat who proves great ambition, a positive can-do attitude and a pair of magic boots can take you a long way.
An adaptation of the classic story by one of New Zealand's best writers for children.
Second Sight
Anna has an out of body experience when she is shot in her student flat. A play about the agonies of teenage love.
Snow White And Rose Red
An adaptation of the fairytale for children about 4 to 9 years.
Romance, marriage and motherhood viewed through the eyes of different women, a mixture of satire and true feelings.
Princess Alicia, a girl so sensitive she can feel a pea through fifty five mattresses, is riding her horse through the forest with her downtrodden servant Agatha and texting her mates, when she is taken hostage at machine gun point by two balaclava clad terrorists. The kidnappers find they have more than they bargained for when the night becomes a contest of fairy tales used by both sides to prove the their different political points.
The Emperor's New Clothes
The Emperor Ballymacdragon thinks only about his clothes, which he changes every hour - announced by a fanfare. So when he decides to marry Princess Hyacinth, his main concern is his wedding outfit - while hers is how to escape her fate! With the help of two ragamuffins with magical powers and the emperor's lackey, an unbelievable wedding outfit is made for the Emperor, everything works out well and the Emperor realises that it's not how you look but what you do that counts!
The Frog Prince
When Princess Henriette makes promises to the Frog, she is only tricking. But when forced to let Froggie eat from her plate and sleep on her pillow, she finds her first friend.
The Gingerbread Man
A modern take on the story of the gingerbread "person" in which other fairytale characters appear. Written for four actors and intended for children between 4 and 8 years.
The Last Gasp Cafe
When Jamie Lomax crashes the family car in a remote NZ country town, his business tycoon father suddenly sees the opportunity for some lucrative land development. But the customers of the Last Gasp Cafe surprise both Mr Lomax and themselves by their reaction to his takeover bid. And when Jamie falls in love with a local, the scene is set for some changes of heart.
The Oddity
Kathryn is thrilled to be selected from thousands of young hopefuls to compete in the TV game show "The Life Cycle". She dreams, along with the other contestants, of what she would do with the twenty million dollars prize money. At first it's fun, but as the game progresses through challenges and eliminations, Kathryn finds herself facing her inner fears and then fighting for her life. A crazy black comedy based around the format of a TV reality/game show - aimed at fourteen to fifteen year olds.
The Tinder Box
A Boy is skateboarding towards the Big City as he travels the World. A Fool has been tricked out of his money with a story of chests of gold under the ground. A Princess is kept locked inside the castle by her mother the Queen as it has been predicted she will marry a commoner.
Time On Our Side
A group of teenagers take time out to address their future and their past. Considers the impact adult decisions can have on adolescents. Written for 13 -14 year olds. The male part can be played by a female.

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Sarah Delahunty

Sarah Delahunty s-a nascut la data de 1952 in Wellington, Noua Zeelandă.

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