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Circus Tracks
A circus orphan stranded in suburbia must journey through miles of freak-studded desert to find her way back to her mother under the saddest bigtop on the planet. An ensemble fairy tale for adults.
Green Girl
A love story between a backwoods healer and a country club caddy in the Congaree Swamp where the woods are full of ghosts. With flashbacks to the Civil War and dream sequences in Afghanistan.
House on Stilts
Haunted by a tragic Fourth of July accident, Rutherford Stub lives alone in a borrowed house on the edge of Crooktail Island, waiting for the woman across the water to wake up—until an old friend and her teenage daughter arrive, wrecking his years of quiet solitude. In the months between his unhappy birthday and the always difficult Fourth of July, hermitical Rutherford gets a glimpse of a happier life. But when it's time to let go of the past, can he? A funny and heartbreaking tale of unexpected friendship set in the South Carolina lowcountry.
Hum of the Arctic
The play glimpses a lost moment between a deaf woman blasting Queen from her radio and the artist who barges in on her, in her bathroom, in the bathtub, with a blue paintbrush.
In suburban South Carolina, an ornery Confederate Reenactor tries - and fails - to reconnect with his nephew on the battlefield.
On a starry mountaintop above Ancient Greece, a god stands with a dead girl in his arms imploring the three fates to undo his lover's death. When the impersonal fates refuse, he forces the sisters down from their place in the heavens to live and work on earth. And this is where we find our trio of thread-makers 3,000,032 years later, living in an office on the top floor of the tallest building in the world, measuring the threads of human life to a new soundtrack of fax machines and ticking clocks. They pluck and weave, marking time until the gods will let them back up to their starry mountain. All seems routine until Atropos, the oldest and most severe fate, decides to go downstairs. One mistake leads to another and soon Atropos, string-cutter, tangled deep in the web of human longing, breaks her own rules to offer forever to an ordinary man. Can the fabric of the universe stand a flaw? Quirky and contemporary with a dash of fairy tale, it's a diverse ensemble musical about sisters, offices, and love. A glimpse in a skewed glass of the threads that make relationships, how they fray, stretch thin, or hold forever, strong as elevator cables.
The Extinction of Felix Garden
After setting fire to an entire forest, an ex-forest ranger is required by law to move to Brooklyn. But even in the city she can’t escape wilderness. There’s a gargoyle catching prayers on the roof and her downstairs neighbor is raising a tiger in his bedroom. Brooke and Felix fall for each other. Felix’s tiger eats Brooke’s cat. A love story bent on destruction.

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