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Clean House, The
This extraordinary new play by an exciting new voice in the American drama was runner-up for the Pulitzer Prize. The play takes place in what the author describes as "metaphysical Connecticut", mostly in the home of a married couple who are both doctors. They have hired a housekeeper named Matilde, an aspiring comedian from Brazil who's more interested in coming up with the perfect joke than in house-cleaning. Lane, the lady of the house, has an eccentric sister named Virginia who's just nuts about house-cleaning. She and Matilde become fast friends, and Virginia takes over the cleaning while Matilde works on her jokes. Trouble comes when Lane's husband Charles reveals that he has found his soul mate, or "bashert" in a cancer patient named Anna, on whom he has operated. The actors who play Charles and Anna also play Matilde's parents in a series of dream-like memories, as we learn the story about how they literally killed each other with laughter, giving new meaning to the phrase, "I almost died laughing". This theatrical and wildly funny play is a whimsical and poignant look at class, comedy and the true nature of love.
Dead Man's Cell Phone
Gordon is dead, but his cell phone lives on. When Jean, an empathetic museum worker, answers his ringing phone beside her in a café, she is soon playing unwitting comforter and confessor to the man's grieving friends and family. Before she knows it, Jean's ensnarled in the underbelly of the dead man's bizarre life.
In Eurydice, Sarah Ruhl reimagines the classic myth of Orpheus through the eyes of its heroine. Dying too young on her wedding day, Eurydice must journey to the underworld, where she reunites with her father and struggles to remember her lost love. With contemporary characters, ingenious plot twists, and breathtaking visual effects, the play is a fresh look at a timeless love story.
In the Next Room (or The Vibrator Play)
It concerns the early history of the vibrator, when doctors used it as a clinical device to bring women to orgasm as treatment for "hysteria." Other themes include Victorian ignorance of female sexual desire, motherhood, breastfeeding, and jealousy.
Late: A Cowboy Song
Crick and Mary, childhood sweethearts, decide to marry when Mary’s period is “late” and she discovers she is pregnant; and Red, the singing cowboy of the title and a former high school classmate of Mary’s. When the play begins, Mary is “late” for the dinner Crick has prepared because she has just reconnected with Red; this marks the beginning of many more late arrivals for Mary and also the beginning of what proves to be her personal awakening about herself, her marriage, and her sense of happiness in life. By the play’s end, Mary does, indeed, leave Crick and ride off into the sunset with Red. A play that employs subtlety and ambiguity to explore the complexity of gender and sexual identity.
Melancholy Play
It follows the sometimes melodramatic bank teller, Tilly, and her emotion-driven adventure with several other characters. Emotions account for all of the story development in the play, as Tilly uses her melancholy and other emotions to influence the other characters. Love is also a prominent theme in the play, as it can lead to melancholy or happiness. The characters all seem to be searching for love and try to find it wherever and whenever they can to escape the mundanity of their lives. Love changes their emotions and can lead to happiness or strife.
Passion Play, a cycle
A small town in England performs the Passion in 1575. The man who plays Pontius Pilate wants to play the role of Christ, played by his cousin. The woman playing the Virgin Mary falls in love with the man playing Christ. The players are haunted by the confusion between their roles on-stage and off. The second act leaps to Germany in 1934, where the young man playing Christ is slowly drawn towards the Nazi party. Historically, the first actors in Oberammergau to join the Nazi party were the director of the Passion and the actor who played Christ. In the third act, a small town in South Dakota puts on their annual Passion Play. The man playing Pontius Pilate goes to serve Vietnam, returning only to find that his part has been given away to an equity actor. The man playing the role of Christ ends up betraying his brother. Ronald Reagan visits the town, campaigning for the 1984 election. The cycle, together, explores relationship between faith and politics, authenticity and theatricality, community and political icons.
Virtual Meditation #1
Can machines sense how we feel? Playwright Sarah Ruhl, in collaboration with the students and faculty at Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center, has harnessed the subtle energy of touch in this stunning virtual reality romance.

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Sarah Ruhl

Sarah Ruhl s-a nascut la data de 1974 in , SUA.

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