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Adventures of Rose Red (Snow White's Less Famous Sister)
ll her friends urge Rose Red to become famous - but can someone just be normal and live happily ever after?
Attack Of the Killer Bs
While visiting their mother's grave in the cemetery, Glen and Barbara are attacked by the dead risen from the grave to feast upon the living. Glen is killed, but that doesn't stop him from coming back as a zombie to rescue his sister and flee Night Of the Living Dead come to life.
Bad Substitute
The substitute literature teacher is clearly insane. She will go to any lengths to prove that Francis Bacon wrote the works of Shakespeare.
As she enters her senior year, Sindee Sandstone rules Susan B. Anthony High School. So when newcomer angelatina Vindechi takes her place on the cheerleading squad, relegating the queen bee to dreaded "alternate" status, Sindee vows revenge. Driven by her overbearing mother, Charlene, Sindee coerces her fellow cheerleader Carmelle into killing angelatina. Local talk show host, Paula DeMarcato, catches wind of the scandal and descends upon Tubbville to cover the story with tragic results.
Camp Killspree
Twenty years ago, at the Hard Log Men's Resort, a horrible crime of passion occurred. Richard came home early to find his lover, Clifford, in the arms of another man. Grabbing a conveniently nearby chainsaw, Richard separates Clifford from his new boyfriend. . .and his head. CUT TO: Now. the Hard Log Men's Resort is being remodeled and reopened as Camp Community, a summer camp for gay teenagers. a group of adult camp counselors, all of whom look really good naked (did we mention this play has tons of nudity?) descend upon the camp to prepare it for the grand opening. One problem: the masked killer stalking the counselors and killing them, one by one.
CinderElla - Bloodsucker
What if CinderElla was a vampire?
Confessions Of A Male Pin-Up
One-man show co-written (and performed by) with Richard Beech.
Corpse Grinders
Adaptation of the cult film the CORPSE GRINDERS by Ted V. Mikels
Dorothy and the Thief of Oz
The Tin Man is about to get married - but someone steals his heart without which he cannot love - so he calls the wedding off. Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Wizard and Glinda set out to find the thief
Double Trouble on the Prairie
The Dumbest Twins in Montana Territory
Dr. Frankincense And the Christmas Monster
In Christmas Village, there is only one holiday and only one outsider, Dr. Frankincense. the villagers are convinced the Doctor is an evil, mad scientist and are constantly storming his castle and having after-mob potlucks. But Dr. Frankincense isn't evil at all, and he's created the ultimate proof of his good-hearted inventiveness: the Christmas Monster! But when Jack Frost, the Ghost of Christmas Past, Frosty and other suspicious locals put Dr. Frankincense on trial for crimes against the holiday, will his invention be enough to save him from jail?
Dracula's Daughters: A Family Comedy
When a production of ”Dracula” is taken over by an audience member who demands more romance, Dracula marries Mina and moves to the suburbs of Transylvania to raise their two daughters. the Count of Darkness has all the problems you might expect of the Father of two half-vampire daughters, from garlic experimentation to rebellious blood drinking.
Elevator Games
Three people enter a lift. It gets stuck between floors. One of the passengers starts a bizarre guessing game which drives the other two mad
Historically Bad First Dates
Achilles and Jenna find themselves in the Millennium Relationships Services office. they are shown disastrous first dates. George Washington and Martha, Frankenstein and the Bride; Uncle Sam and the Statue of Liberty
Horrible Shakespeare: A Mini Musical
A group of High Schoolers get trapped in the Museum of Horrible Productions of Shakespeare
Horror High
What were Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster and the Mummy like when they were in High School?
L A Tool & Die: Live
Hank a masculine worker and Wiley a shy cowboy make their way from the Heartland to Los Angeles meeting many men on the way
Nuclear Family
The play begins with the return of Michael to his suburban Chicago home after years of being away. We soon see that the family Michael fled is supremely dysfunctional, from his brother who has dreams of owning a bar, to his sister who apparently still keeps contact with the friend of her brother who raped her, to their mother who plays each of her children against the others.
Princess Inchworm
Princess Inchworm wants to measure the ocean. Her Father the King says that it is about time she got married as she is two months old.
Reefer Madness
Bill, Mary, Gwen, and Jimmy are all swell kids. they listen to their parents, do well in school, and help out around the community -- that is, until they get caught up in the marijuana subculture. With "Mary Jane" filling their lungs, these kids resort to theft, prostitution, and murder to satisfy their cravings, which leads to suicide and death sentences. Is one puff really too much? a hilarious send-up of the 1936 exploitation film, now a cult classic.
Rumpelstiltskin: My Story
Did Rumpelstiltskin really demand the Princesses baby as payment?
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians -the Musical
Musical adaptation of the cult film Santa Clausconquers the Martians.
Square Wheeled Bicycles of London, England
What if all the bicycles in Britain had square wheels?
The End Of the World (With Prom To Follow)
No parents, no siblings, no teachers. It might sound like a dream to some high schoolers, but for the teenagers of Great Falls, Montana, it is the stuff of reality. they awake one morning to find a Wall of Light encircling their town, and everyone but the student body has vanished. On top of that, the light is moving inward and their town is steadily disappearing. In the face of this mystery, the students band together...and splinter apart. What can they do to stop it? What's on the other side? Will there still be time for one last dance? an exciting Drama/comedy for a large student cast, this play explores mortality, friendship, and the survival of ethics when survival itself is at stake.
The Most Popular Kid In School
High School boy Ray Murphy dies. Suddenly the boy no one had heard of or knew has a campus full of "friends" grieving his passing
The One Millionth Monkey
The far future. One million monkeys are given typewriters with the hope that one of them will type the Works of Shakespeare. Then a time travelling Francis Bacon turns up.
The Rise Of the House Of Usher
Seven strangers have been called to a mysterious mansion on the eve of Halloween for a reading of the FaLL OF the HOUSe OF USHeR by its author, edgar allan Poe. as the night wares on, each stranger is revealed to be connected to the real family upon with the short story was based. One by one, each guest is murdered in a manner duplicated from a variety of Poe's works. Who is the murderer? and is everyone truly who they appear to be?
Two-Faced: A Tragedy . . . Sort Of
Mary Whatshername is virtually invisible at High School. In her final year she decides to do something about it - she becomes a cheer leader and joins the mathletes team. At a mathletes contest the cheer leaders are supposed to cheer on the team
We Wish You A Merry Spendmas
The future. the Sprawl-Mart Corporation has bought the rights to Christmas and Santa and is going to rename Christmas Spendmas.

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Sean Abley

Sean Abley s-a nascut la data de 1966 in , SUA.

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