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Crawl, Fade to White
A scream is heard throughout the stratosphere. It is the voice of the lamp. Louise is selling this expensive family heirloom to keep her daughter April in school and cease her more sordid “consultant” profession. April rushes home with lover in tow to halt the proceedings and save the lamp, but it has been intercepted by a quiet and bizarre middle-aged couple with a haunting secret. Attempts to reclaim the lamp are made, as a misplaced father slowly fades to white in the background.
Crumble (Lay Me Down, Justin Timberlake)
Janice asks for seven very strange objects for Christmas. Her perpetually anxious mother complies, suspecting Janice might blame her for the absurd circumstances in which her father disappeared. Janice reveals the dark nature of these objects to her mother on Christmas morning and a calamity ensues. Special appearances by Harrison Ford and Justin Timberlake, and a talking apartment.
Dead City
While bringing her sexy hubby his mail one morning, Samantha Blossom notices an envelope addressed to him from his lover. This spins her out into her day raw and entirely untethered… until she begins following a punk-rock genius poet girl half her age. This culminates in a frenzied chaos parade in a sex club located in the meat-packing district of New York City. Based on James Joyce’s Ulysses.
Say your father was the President of a multinational corporation and you were chained to the customer service desk as soon as you could dial a phone... if someone made you CEO for a day, would you go crazy? And if all around you the inner workings of the company were in turmoil—people in disguise, marriages plotted, overthrows planned—and you were told that everything happening to you is only a dream, what would you do? A modern corporate dynasty phantasmagoria freely adapted from Pedro Calderón’s Life Is A Dream.
Kate Crackernuts
Kate’s sister Anne, a ravishing beauty, wakes up one morning to discover a sheep’s head between her shoulders. Thus begins the journey of the two sisters in their quest to return Anne’s true head to its proper place. The journey is sidetracked, however, by Kate’s obsession with a slim raver-boy who has a nasty little addiction. Based on the British fairy tale Kate Crackernuts.
Lascivious Something
It’s 1980 and Reagan has just been elected. August fled the country six years prior to be with his beautiful young Greek bride on a secluded Mediterranean island, where he planted a modest vineyard. Now, his young wife is pregnant, his crop is robust, and he is about to have his first tasting, when a strange woman in a large-brimmed hat arrives at the couple’s guesthouse.
Roadkill Confidential
Trevor has made a name for herself in her local art scene by taking the corpses of unlucky animals from their roadside graves and transforming them into epic pieces of artwork. But when the FBI investigates her for bio-terrorism, Trevor’s remote husband, salacious neighbor, and obese son all begin to ask questions, such as: what else is Trevor’s art made from?
Anima’s sphere of desperation and self-destruction is invaded by the arrival of her perky new roommate, Christa. Moved by a particularly malevolent statue of the Virgin Mary and a houseplant named Susan, Anima and Christa soon enter into a profound and intimate friendship that incurs traumatic results.
That Pretty Pretty; Or, The Rape Play
Guns, gals, jello wrestling, war, and lots and lots of profanity. A fragmented exploration of the things we find really fucking hot. Special appearance by Jane Fonda.
We Are Not These Hands
Ever since their school blew up, Moth and Belly have taken to stalking an illegal internet café in the hopes of one day being allowed in. They take particular interest in Leather, a skittish older man doing research in the café. He is a self-proclaimed “freelance scholar” from a foreign land with a sketchy past and a sticky secret. Leather begins to fall head over heals in love with Moth… but what about Belly? This play explores the effects of rampant capitalism on a country that is ill-prepared for it.

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Sheila Callaghan

Sheila Callaghan s-a nascut la data de 1973 in , SUA.

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