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Couch is a hilarious journey with a karaoke queen, a checkout chick and an agoraphobic slattern as they question their own existence through the lenses of historical philosophers. Realities collide and theories are challenged when religion comes knocking.
Hits of '74
Four old friends meet regularly in Graeme's bar. Though they all have fond memories of the bar's '70s heyday, in the here and now things aren't as golden, as the bar's tragic decor suggests. Kathy's almost given up on her husband ever making parole; Jason and Tina have almost given up on each other Ð but Graeme's not giving up on the bar, even as business slows to a stop and the building is condemned. With flashbacks to 1974, the friends sing their way through the smash hits of that year, and overcome their differences to pull together, save the bar and bury the past once and for all. Receiving three standing ovations on opening night, Hits of 74 is an unashamedly nostalgic and energetic romp.
Hits of '83
Join the Gristle Wilson High School reunion as six friends reminisce about the glory days of Skateworld in 1983. The cast play both the reuniting friends and their 14 year old adolescent selves, along with countless other cameos including teachers, bullies and spouses.
Yourself & Others
odie suffers an incident while on her regular run. Tended to by her best friend Madeleine, she confesses her proclivity for fantasy. Increasingly disillusioned by her lack of life direction, and the irritating habits of those around her, Jodie is not surprised when neither Madeleine, nor her boyfriend Steve, relate to these alternative realities. When faced with a choice between two birthday parties - a friend of Madeleine’s or Steve’s boss - Jodie’s expectations collide with what’s real and she finds herself thrown into her worst nightmare.

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Stayci Taylor

Stayci Taylor s-a nascut la data de in , Noua Zeelandă.

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