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And The Beat Goes On
Peter and Lily have a secret. They love Sonny & Cher, their favourite celebrity couple of all time. With a string of hits in the 1960s and a successful American variety TV show in the 70s, Sonny and Cher were mismatched, they were camp, they were good honest fun. Decades later Peter and Lily are still listening to their records, still lip-syncing to their songs and practicing their comedy routines every evening. But beneath their obsession with sparkle and showmanship is a tragedy. And as dark truths start to pop their bubblegum act, it becomes clear not everything is quite as it seems.
On the eve of her 40th birthday, Susan walks into a clinic that claims it can cure her of her "homosexual tendencies". As the stories of her sit-com-loving mother, her confident new girlfriend and the clinic's strange but sweet receptionist unravel around her, Susan must finally confront the secrets she can no longer hide. Inspired by real accounts of conversion therapy, the play uncovers the intertwining stories of four women in this brand new play about love and identity.
Inspired by the true story of Angie Extraganza a trailblazing transgender woman, two performers unravel a tragic intertwining story where not everything or everyone is as they seem. A poetic and physical duologue which looks at one person's battle to defy biology, stereotypes and death, and they succeed... almost.
Girl In The Machine
Polly and Owen have nailed it. Both in successful careers and wildly in love, they feel ready to take on the world – and with Polly’s new promotion at work, it seems like life can’t get much better. But when a mysterious new technology, promising a break from the daily grind, creeps into everyone’s phones, their world is turned upside down. As the line between physical and digital rapidly dissipates, and as the population begins to rebel, Polly and Owen are forced to question whether their definitions of reality and freedom are the same.
Human Animals
In the overcrowded city, nature is getting out of control.The mice are scratching between walls, the pigeons are diseased and the foxes are beginning to rule the streets.The problem is growing. It’s contagious. It has to be stopped, before it’s too late.
You know back in the day there would have been wolves here. And thats us. We’re the wolves now. And it’s important people know that. A girl called Antler steps out of her front door and throws her phone on the ground. She stamps on it. She then climbs the tallest tree in the park. She doesn’t want to be found, not by anyone. Seven teenagers’ lives all intertwine over the course of a single evening as they make their way through the park on a seemingly normal Autumn's night. A play about protest, power and protecting yourself.
In Benin City, a young girl struggles to support her family. A world away, in a tenement flat, "aunty" Martha arranges a job and flight for her. Journey with her on the bus that leads to a new life and discover the nightmare reality behind Martha's promises.
Who said smashing things up was a bad thing? Three strangers are about to face their demons head on. Balanced precariously on the tipping point, they might just be able to save one another if they can only overcome their urge to self-destruct. Painful yet playful, poignant but uplifting, this play takes a long hard look at the extremes of everyday life. Questions of identity, heartbreak and hope are explored with vivid, poetic intensity.

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Stef Smith

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