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Burnt, set in the fictitious town of Gilpendry, was born out of the true stories of people from regional Australia struggling with prolonged drought, and in particular how the stresses and strains of continued drought impacts on families and young people.
The play deals with date rape, internet dating, and the ripple effects of sexual assault.
The Apology
When Ray takes his dad’s advice and stands up to the school bullies, his life will be changed forever.
The Forwards
Nothing ever happens in small town Pintoon. Except the footy. Everyone loves the footy. But the Pintoon Parrots can’t seem to break their losing streak. That is until they change their line up. Suddenly it’s goal after goal, and win after win. But after a pre-match party gets out of hand, the team’s new forwards might struggle to bring Pintoon the grand final victory they expect.
The Stones
The play is based on a true story of two boys charged with manslaughter after throwing rocks from a freeway overpass and killing a motorist.

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Stefo Nantsou

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