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Big Bickies
What happens when you win a million dollars in lotto?
Blowing It
An arresting comedy about an undercover police officer who becomes too successful in his roleplaying with dope dealers. Fear and isolation do weird things to his head and he finds himself getting in deeper and deeper trouble.
Brain Dead
"The idea of turning Peter Jackson's lunatic film into a musical is inspired. It's got all the elements: greed, lust, horror, love ... It's fun." Sunday Star Times
Caramel Cream
Two young crims, Mitch and Pete, break into a building unaware that social worker Clare is working late. Intercoils themes of sex and race with their ugly offsprings - sexism and racism.
Drawer Of Knives
When Sarah and her infant son move into the flat below Denise and Russell, the rot sets in. Reality blurs with alternative relationships conducted in imagination; the characters are locked in the hell of the present where nothing is as it seems.
I'd Rather Be The Pope
we meet Rod, a hard-core gamer who spends of his conscious life inhabiting the amoral universe of virtual reality. A borderline sociopath prone to violent outbursts, he is an outcast and marginalised by society. However when he assaults his Counsellor, her reaction isn't what you might expect ...
Ladies Night
The rags to riches tale of how five Kiwi destitutes rise to the heights of male stripperdom and their own understanding of what the opposite gender want.
When New Zealanders Don and Gay visit their relation, The Earl of Wedgecumbe, the classic country house murder mystery is turned on its head. There is English upperclass decadence, a legless corpse, talk of ghosts, do-it yourself renovating and a barbeque.
Raging On: Ladies Night 2
Further adventures with the Raging Rhinos. Alison, Sue and Vicky assist the Rhinos back to the stage.
Remain in Light
One morning the sun refused to rise. And then the morning after that. And the morning after that. Perhaps it was tired of what it saw, day after day, down on the sinful earth. People were puzzled, then frightened, then panicked.
School Bus
A short play about the behaviour of NZ high school pupils taking the bus to school in the morning. The play as it progresses moves into an increasingly ritualistic treatment of the situation that develops.
Sweet Thing
The play is set in the near future, and explore the ways in which new technologies are changing our lives and relationships. Sally has a frank and intimate discussion with her mum. The two appear to have a beautiful close relationship - that is, until Sally's brother Philip storms in, throws Mum out of the room, and demands Sally get rid of her for good. For Mum is not exactly what she seems; she's a clone that Sally made of her mother upon her death – a way for her to address all the unresolved issues from her childhood.
The Alhambra's Master
The Alhambra, captained by Scully, docks in Wellington. He returns to Laura only to have an affair with her daughter. She lays a trap. A play set in 1840's New Zealand about many types of betrayal and a man who is not what he seems.
The Bach
We join Michael and Simon, two middle-aged brothers meeting for the first time in years at their family bach in the Coromandel. They arrive to discover that the regional council has erected a public toilet right next door. Bruised by career disappointment, burned by relationship failure, battered by identity politics, the two brothers decide it's time to make a stand.
The Bellbird
Set in Marlborough in the late 1860s, The Bellbird brings the worlds of Maori and Pakeha together in a haunting play of passion, family politics and despair. A touching, tragic romance between a Pakeha woman and a Maori man. On the death of her husband she is no longer welcome back in her own community and her deceased husband's family want nothing to do with her.

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Stephen Sinclair

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