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All My Friends Are Leaving Brisbane
'If you're single, in your twenties and hate your job, you've got to get out of this city.' A comedy about twenty-somethings in Brisbane trying to figure out whether they want to do 'the overseas thing' or stay in their hometown - and what they risk by choosing either option.
Dirty Caff
A romantic comedy set in Brisbane in the early 1990s. A struggling young secretary, Jennifer, breaks out of her rut by impersonating someone else and getting into university. In the process she risks her job and breaks the law, but also discovers friends, a new career and a possible true love - but will they all remain when her deception is uncovered?
Friday Night Drinks
Sex with the Ex - a guy returns from overseas and tries to start it up with his ex, only to find now she's a Christian.
Love Song Dedications
A modern-day version of 'La Ronde' depicting a daisy chain of sexual encounters with the backdrop of a late night radio request show.
Nerd Formal
Social disaster - the high school formal has been banned! The only formal school dinner permitted is for the Athene Club, and that is Nerd Territory. The nerds have what the cool kids want. The stage is set for a battle as to who will control the most important night of the school year.
Rebel Tour
A fictionalised account of the background to the real-life 'rebel' cricket tours to South Africa in the 1980s.
A group of single friends team up to compete in a mid-week trivia competition.

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