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Alice Through the Looking Glass
Alice has a horrible time of it in Disneyland, where she's always being twitted about her Anglophilia by the mice and other characters. Feeling "stuck," she escapes through the looking glass in search of her true self - and finds herself in the land of the Red and White Kings and Queens, along with a host of other Carroll personae, including Charles Dodgson and Lewis Carroll.
A kaleidoscopic theatrical portrait of Anna: a girl looking for a road to her birth parents and one that will take her home. A diagnosis, a broken marriage and a lifetime of displacement send a young woman on a reluctant journey of self-discovery.
The tales of two competing dentists, two dominatrixes, and a Southern belle. The action begins in a sterile 5th Avenue dentist's chair and ends down in the cavities of a secret dominatrix-run dungeon with the audience in control all the way.
10 diverse charactersgay, straight and biare linked through a daisy chain of sexual contact, hooking up in Starbucks, an S&M dungeon, a bedroom, a kitchen and cyberspace, as they strive for a deeper connection with one another.
Diving Kitty
Steve's 15 year-old lover and high school ethics student, Alex, decides that being his affair-of-the-semester is not the "class" in which she enrolled.
Dont Let Destiny Push You Around
Ramona's life was stuck in traffic - then she hailed Jack's cab. About the sweet danger of talking to strangers.
Flirting With Reality
Contestants auditioning for a reality dating programme.
Icons And Outcasts
Set in the heart of Chelsea, 8 eccentricsa vampire, a hustler, a redneck, an angel, a loner, a bimbo, a goddess and an actorrandomly intersect during one unforgettable day in New York City.
Icons Y2K
Its December 31, 1999, and an eclectic assortment of well-known and not-so-well-known historical figures have gathered at Club Y2K to ring in the next millennium. Club Y2K is definitely a happening place, pulsing with disco favorites, fabulous colored lights, and, of course - a mirror ball. Attractive cast members in silver, sequins and blue wigs welcome the audience, offering them drinks and the opportunity to dance. After such a fun pre-show, would the show itself be a let-down?
Sex Ed
t's 1984. Three innocent New York City sixth-graders and their private school educators explore the often hilarious and frequently frightening world of sexual education in the classroom and beyond. the classroom heats up as pictographic nudity abounds in this clever and poignant account of sexual stirrings.
We Call Her Benny
A visceral, exhilarating, and kaleidoscopic portrait of one adopted woman's struggle for identity and intimacy. themes of replacement and betrayal saturate the play, which explores family, identity, illness, adoption, sexuality and intimacy

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