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Țarul Nicolae (Car Mikołaj)
In Krynki village, 20-year period between the wars came to a man that was considered a miracle survivor tsar. Revolution and war shattered the ancient order of the world - took the people of God and the Tsar. Residents of Bialystok border represent a strange conglomeration of attitudes. Some passively accept remote and Polish foreign power, the local representative of the rural policeman Majewski. To speak a few ideas of the Bolsheviks, represented by the agitator Wowee. Obedience among the people is charismatic prophet Ilya, who announces the Son of God and the new Messiah. The most numerous are confused - a good tsar, which was shot, was the foundation of the world. Surprisingly, there is a Santa Claus Krynki Regis Souvenir trader. Baby on the market see it rescued from the destruction of the Tsar. Old imperial soldier Alexei Bonifaciuk confirms his identity - so firmly believes in the return of the monarch, gesture that gives him his daughter in marriage. Collective madness shared by all. Emotions cool only fatal victim - frenzied mob brutally crack down on the boy who dared to go to the tsar's wedding with a gun and tried to pick up the reflected rival bride. Alleged tsar gone, but the legend remains.
Merlin. O altă poveste (Merlin. Inna historia)
O versiune alternativă a legendei lui Merlin și a Cavalerilor Mesei Rotunde, despre oameni care doresc să construiască o lume perfectă, dar își descoperă pasiuni și punctele slabe ale caracterului lor.
Clasa noastră (Nasza klasa)
O poveste despre zece copii (fete şi băieţi, catolici şi evrei) şi destinul fiecăruia dintre ei de-a lungul a şaptezeci de ani de istorie, poveste care începe în 1925 şi se continuă de-a lungul vieţii acestora. Dar într-o bună zi, pentru lecţiile de istorie şi religie au de înfruntat realitatea: stalinismul, nazismul, discriminările, dogmele, nedreptăţile. Viaţa îi obligă să crească prea repede punându-i la încercare: să-şi urască prietenul, să-şi iubească duşmanul, să-şi trădeze credinţa, din frică sau din iubire. Să lupte şi să moară pentru convingerile lor, să trăiască cu speranţa că nu-şi vor pierde niciodată demnitatea.
Cetățeanul Pekosiewicz (Obywatel Pekosiewicz)
Pekosiewicz do not know anything about himself: his parents died during the war, when he was a baby, date of birth, first name, last name. Symbol he works as a dispatcher at the bus, a mentally twisted, crippled disability little romantic (is devoid of masculinity), bitter. And here's the hero becomes involved in local dirty game in action cleaning the party of the Jews, an action that is essentially a struggle for power. When Pekosiewicz drunk throwing a bottle in the Monument of Gratitude, is arrested, and the Security Service is trying to persuade him to return, it was a provocation inspired by the head of that service, Koperski (having Jewish roots), his son, and by the bishop present from the pulpit against anti-Semitism. The kaleidoscopic series of scenes (the committee, church, house Pekosiewicza, command, sobering-up center) mounting mechanisms know "things", the methods and motives of the organizers. On this background the more emphasizes the tragic vulnerability and naivety Pekosiewicza which although - guided by the human instinct for honesty - refuses to sign the accusations, but attacked from all sides by the absurd theories and political mythologies in the end is madness.
Profetul Ilia (Prorok Ilja)
A ballad from the borderland: a morality play based on the fate and stories of 'Orthodox people'; a fairy tale from the Bialystok region: children's theatre for adults, passing very severe judgments on those adults," Teresa Krzemień wrote about this show.

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Tadeusz Słobodzianek

Tadeusz Słobodzianek s-a nascut la data de 26 1955 in Jenisiejsku, Polonia.

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