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A Crevice
A 90-year-old Malthusian pediatrician and his ever-devoted nurse are caught in the middle of a cataclysmic event, which prompts the premature births of hundreds of babies.
An Oblation
A friendship between two society ladies collapses as a result of their death gossip.
Isaac, a marine working in Mortuary Affairs, comes home from the war to take care of his father, who has recently suffered a debilitating stroke. But will Isaac's newly radicalized mother and transgendered sibling make it easy for him. "Hir" is a tragedy about the way we care for and bury our dying ways of life.
Maurizio Pollini
In this play about parenting three scenes happen simultaneously: an Upper East Side mother and her “vaginal activists” (and 10-month pregnant) daughter get their monthly pedicures; a "Ghetto Fabulous" pedicurist wants to take her baby to see a piano concert in Carnegie Hall; and a past-his-prime Pritzker-winning architect, his male “assistant,” and his estranged heterosexual son play golf.
Inspired by (not based on) true events, Okay tells the story of a teenage girl giving birth in a bathroom stall during her senior prom. Set in May of 2003, the play is about the beginning of the end of the American empire.
One-act adaptation (with songs) of the Aristophanes play of the same name. War has destroyed the land and a 75-year-old man and his two 12-year-old daughters are counting on their last chance of escape: a dung beetle (fed only pure, organic fecal seed) who can fly them to heaven.
Red Tide Blooming
In this musical celebration of freakhood, classic Mermaid Parade antics swim alongside a collective creative visualization of Armageddon in the murky waters of gentrification and cultural homogenization. A hermaphrodite sea creature goes on a quest to destroy the Collective Conscious and free the freaks from “the dwindling down to same.”
The Be(A)st of Taylor Mac
A flamboyant chameleon of words, music, and sociopolitical tirades, visual and vocal phenomenon Mac employs gender-bending surrealism to explore the human condition and challenge the contemporary culture of fear.
The Fre
This is an All-Ages play. What this means specifically is that ages 12 to adult see the entire play but ages 6 to 11 come to the theater earlier in the day, learn a very simple call and response song and even easier staging, enter the world of the play at a certain point (dressed like frogs) and act as the plays extras for roughly 20 minutes of the play. They then exit, have snacks and come back at the end of the play to play on the set.
The Holy Virgin Mary of Our Time
Based on true events surrounding the “Sensation” art exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum and Chris Ofili’s “The Holy Virigin Mary” elephant dung controversy. Carravagio’s “Death of Mary” joins forces with Guadalupe Mary to introduce the newest art piece depicting the godly bride.
The Hot Month
"A totemic necklace of teeth and the otherworldly beep of a heart monitor bind the three central characters (a woman, her brother, and his lover) in Taylor Mac's The Hot Month, a play that addresses the weighty issues of time and love with an ardent and humorous eye. The narrative follows the characters' efforts to get somewhere, but their declared physical destinations are ultimately less important than the metaphysical journeys they're taking. An uncommon and thought-provoking production." – Flavorpill
The Levee
After a miscarriage, a couple chooses to discontinue their attempts to have a baby.
The Lily's Revenge
he Great Longing Deity, a malicious Stage Curtain, has created a plague of nostalgia across the land. It is up to a five-petaled Lily to defeat the Curtain, bring an end to oppressive narratives, and wed the bride.
The Walk Across America For Mother Earth
A group of anarchists walk, from New York City to the Nevada Nuclear Test Site, to protest nuclear proliferation in this a modern day commedia dell'arte play (with music by Ellen Maddow) about political activism and activists.
The Young Ladies Of
In 1968, 2nd Lt. Robert Mac Bowyer (Taylor’s father), while stationed in Vietnam, placed an ad asking “young ladies” to write him. Thousands replied. Thirty years after his death, Taylor uses the letters and his own text and songs to create a conversation intermingling patriarchy, war, romance, and fatherhood. By juxtaposing his Texan father’s army life in 1960s Vietnam with his own life as a New York City drag/pastiche artist, the work bridges the gap between masculinity and femininity, fathers and sons, and red and blue states.

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