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Coming Attractions
talent agent dresses man as a skeleton who goes door to door murdering people, his celebrity waning he tries to kill Miss America
Gettysburg Sound Bite, The
The author imagines Abraham Lincoln in the grip of three contemporary political handkers.
Two young men, both nineteen and visiting Cape Cod for an adventuresome weekend, spot two attractive girls, slightly older than themselves, and set about trying to pick them up. The eagerness of the boys is contrasted with the disinterest of the girlsalthough the prettier of the latter (knowing very well what is in the air) is more intrigued than her friend would like. Events then move on to a very funny beach picnic, with much beer-drinking and suggestive talk, after which one of the boys does indeed "score" with the more attractive girl. But, in doing so, he sheds his "macho" image, and the relative naivet
Little Footsteps
Ben and Joanie, in their mid-thirties and married eight years, are an upwardly mobile "Yuppie" couple about to become parents for the first time. Ben (who is Jewish) works in television, Joanie (a quintessential WASP) is a would-be artist. As the play begins they are redecorating the dining room of their Manhattan apartment for use as a nursery, an activity which both underscores the impending changes in their lives and reinforces Ben's uneasiness about it. The scene is filled with funny lines as Ben tries to make light of his misgivings, but his fears lead inevitably to dispute and, by the end of Act One, Ben has departed and Joanie suddenly finds herself a single parent-to-be. In Act Two, which takes place several months later, a christening party is in progress attended by Joanie's parents, Charlotte and Gil, an affluent older couple who are not hesitant to point out that they never much cared for Ben in the first place. As for Ben, having avoided the formal christening, he now sneaks in through the nursery window determined (in a gesture towards his own religious background) to intone a few Jewish prayers over his newborn sonwhich, when the others suddenly return, leads both to a series of wildly funny misunderstandings, and also, in the end, a tenuous reconciliation and a commitment, by both Ben and Joanie, to try to grow up before their offspring does.
Night Mail and Other Sketches
Silver Linings
Ranging over a wide variety of topics and situations there is no story line as such but, instead, a clever mosaic of telling observations and brightly funny events, all dealing with matters of particular moment to today's young people. In one sketch a visiting Soviet comedian, through a long-suffering interpreter, amuses himself but not his audience with stale jokes and turgid punch lines long out of date in America; in another two men and a woman, who find themselves in bed together, decide to get acquainted; while in still another a couple meeting at a party engage in a long conversation which runs backwardending with their introduction. In these, as in the other sketches, the keynote is freshness and wit, blending into a lighthearted, highly theatrical and fast-paced program which will bring pleasure to both sides of the footlights.
Taxi From Hell
Un portret satiric al șoferului de taxi care nu vorbește engleza.
Terra Nova
Drawn from the journals and letters found on the frozen body of Captain Scott, the action of the play blends scenes of the explorer and his men at various stages of their ordeal, with flashbacks of Scott and his young wife and with fateful glimpses of his Norwegian rival, Roald Amundsen, whose party beat him to the South Pole. Refusing the use of sled dogs as unsporting, Scott and his team struggle to drag their heavy gear across a frozen wasteland, only to find that Amundsen has preceded them to their goal. The play is also a study of British pride and upper-class resolveScott's aristocratic sense of destiny and command and his young bride's ability to understand her husband's compulsive drive while failing to accept his motivations. But it is in the tragic trip back, as the members of the expedition die one by one, that the play reaches its dramatic apogee, capturing with chilling intensity the awesome bravery of men who must accept the bitter knowledge that suffering and death will be the only reward for their heroism.
Word of Mouth
Reading this very, very slowly. Can't help it. But then these stanzas can also be read quickly, and I do that too. But in that case I go over them slowly once again, trying to take in as much my quick reading as the text. An astonishing longpoem.

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Ted Tally

Ted Tally s-a nascut la data de 9 aprilie 1952 in , SUA.

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