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10 for the Tatas
With help from famed writers Theresa Rebeck, Cindy Chupack, Tony Glazer, Bekah Brunstetter, Lisa Ebersole, and Suzanne Bradbeer, 10 for the Tatas highlights the six original works these authors have contributed in dedication to Breast Cancer awareness. Through a series of touching, outrageous, and hilarious 10-minute works, these playwrights and Graveyard Productions aim to encourage support for a serious issue. All proceeds from the production will benefit the work of Susan G. Komen for the Cure.
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Abstract Expression
After a scathing review 15 years ago, a once-celebrated painter faded into impoverished obscurity. Can one chance encounter resurrect this volatile artist from obscurity and re-launch him to overnight success? Theresa Rebeck skillfully compares the gritty urban realities of lives lived on the edge with the capricious intrigues of the uptown gallery scene where fame might just be a matter of who you know and reputations can be bought and sold.
Bad Dates
Povestea lui Haley Walker, a texană mutată la New York unde a trăit ca soție, mamă, divorțată și cu o carieră in domeniul restaurantelor. Acum, Haley începe să aibă întâlniri cu bărbați și prin monologuri separate de blackouts, ne împărtășește clipele sale de viață.
Dead Accounts (Dead Accuynts)
The story of a brother, a sister, and a surprise reunion that turns their family upside down. A $27 million secret proves that the truth can be complicated.
Does This Woman Have a Name?
Mel and Sarah have a lucrative enterprise. Mel writes and Sarah performs sexually explicit phone fantasies. Mel hopes her serious fiction will eventually sell. In the meantime, this pays the bills much to the consternation of her boyfriend. Mel's scripts become more and more literary, but Sarah's callers are not interested in metaphors. judges, does contain some strong language
Adaptare după piesa omonimă a lui Ibsen. Acțiunea este mutată din Norvegia secolului al XIX-lea, în Connecticut, iar Nora este soția stilată a unui bancher.
In six plays, the winding path of the psyche leads us through the complex mind of men. Lust, greed, power, and loss rear their heads as strangers become friends, friends become strangers, and strangers become even stranger. A rich symphony of comedy and Drama, Guys presents a poignant array of short plays that allows us all to eavesdrop on the conversation of the male species and all that matters to them.
Loose Knit
Once a week in the heart of New York City five women gather to knit. As the sweaters pile up, their lives fall apart. Liz is having an affair with her sister's husband, Gina's lost her job, Paula is having an identity crisis, and Margie just wants a date. Into their lives steps Miles, a cool businessman who made his first million before he was thirty and is now looking for a wife. On a series of hilarious blind dates in a sushi restaurant, Miles and the women go head to head in an attempt to define what it is men and women want these days. The author outlines the battle between the sexes with wit, ferocity and insight in a contemporary comedy of manners.
Madwoman in the Attic: Evening of Shorts
A series of short plays that highlight the often ridiculous, sometimes savage truths that everyday people face as they try to make sense of life.
O piesă despre două surori care au moștenit o colecție de timbre care ar putea valora o avere. Toate personajele piesei sunt interesate de acestă colecție și de beneficiile pe care le poate adduce.
Motherhood Out Loud
Utterly unpredictable, Motherhood Out Loud shatters traditional notions about parenthood, unveils its inherent comedy and celebrates the deeply personal truths that span and unite generations. Motherhood Out Loud reveals with illuminating insight the humor, raw emotions and rocky roads we experience in life.
Naked Angels Issues Projects: Collected Plays
Since 1989, New York City's Naked Angels has collaborated with some of America's most beloved playwrights to create exciting, topical plays for their time-honored tradition: the Issues Project. The short plays within this collection respond to resonant themes from gun control to the environment, faith to human rights
O Beautiful
In our age of cyber-bullying and aggressive patriotism remember those lyrics – or else! A theatrically inventive mash up of contemporary American life and the history that got us to this politically polarized age. Its fiercely funny story explores the lives of high school students, teachers, and their families as they cope in a world of real personal problems and extremist ideological rhetoric that gets so heated that Jesus, Saint Paul, Joan of Arc, John Adams, Patrick Henry and Benjamin Franklin, among others, show up to weigh in and mix it up. Alternately sweet and fiery, and as topical as tonight’s newscast, O Beautiful lands the complex realities of our culture squarely on the stage deck in an electrifying blend of ancient characters, founding fathers and your neighborhood high school.
Off Base
The line between nostalgia and reality is compromised as a couple argues over the morality of modern day baseball. While Amanda insists that steroids have tainted America's favorite pastime, Jimmy clings to the glory that the sport once was. Though they both love the game, each must choose between the fantasy of what baseball represents and the politics of what it has become.
Omnium Gatherum
Believing that lively, contentious debate is the heart and soul of a dinner party, a domestic artist and perfect hostess has invited an assortment of opinionated personalities to share a surreal meal.
Open House
Gaby is less than thrilled with Kristin's choice for their new place together: a four story house in Park Slope, Brooklyn. And even with the constant interruptions from other potential buyers, it quickly becomes apparent that they are both looking for different things -- both in a home and in each other.
Our House
The highly remunerated sociopath, a misanthrope named Wes, is a network chieftain who considers news coverage the boring granola he has to offer in order to supply sensation-hungry American audiences with the popcorn fare they’re really interested in. He scorns scripts, and his heart yearns for reality shows that keep ill-assorted human specimens cooped up in expensive cages and train cameras on them as they snarl and weep and stab one another in the back.
Poor Behavior
A drunken late night argument careens out of control, leaving two marriages and four lives in its wake. Set over the course of two demented days in a lovely country house, this crisp, acerbic adult comedy is both wickedly funny and genuinely insightful.
Some thrive and others flounder, alliances are made and broken, sex is used as a weapon and hearts are unmoored. The wordplay is not the only thing that turns vicious as innocence collides with experience in this biting Broadway comedy.
Sex with the Censor
A man hires a prostitute but refuses to let her touch him or talk dirty. How does a person have sex without really having sex? A play about the debilitating and distancing consequences of censorship.
Shot sau Comedia relaţiilor
Un text politic sau despre corectitudine politică.
Spike Heels
Pygmalion goes awry in this contemporary comedy of manners which explores sexual harassment, misplaced amour, and the possibility of a four sided love triangle. The combatants are a sexy, volatile young woman and three Back Bay types a writer, a lawyer and a fiancee in sensible shoes. The setting is Boston, the ending is happy and laughter abounds.
Sunday on the Rocks
On a beautiful Sunday morning in mid October, three house mates decide to have scotch for breakfast in this play by the author of Spike Heels, The Family of Mann and Loose Knit. Elly is pregnant and considering an abortion, Jen is being harassed by a co worker who is obsessed with her, and Gayle just feels a bit lost. Their problems are compounded by a fourth roommate, Jessica, a religious young woman who has little compassion for their confused attempts to make sense of life in the nineties. As they drink, joke and argue, it becomes clear how difficult it is to make a moral decision in an increasingly complex world.
The Bells
Despre un om care înnebunește chinuit de amintirile legate de o crimă pe care a comis-o cu ani în urmă.
The Butterfly Collection
A family of artists are both cruelly destructive and fiercely protective of each other. Paul, a Nobel winning novelist suffering from writer's block, his elegant but feisty wife, two sons an actor and an antique dealer and the actor's girlfriend are together for the first time in ages. Enter Paul's new assistant, a talented and passionate writing student. Bitter, funny chaos ensues..
The Family of Mann
A young writer learns that comedy can be a grim business when she gets a job working on a television sitcom. Her colleagues insist that the show is both decent and real while their world descends into a ferocious madness. The Family of Mann hilariously questions who and what are invited into homes when the television is turned on.
The Scene
An actor's frustrations with his busted career spin out of control when he meets a modern-day siren who butchers the language and destroys his world. A comic tragedy that examines the collapse of American culture.
The Understudy
Set in a Broadway theatre, the play takes place during an understudy rehearsal for The Castle a long-lost play by Franz Kafka. The two-man play is currently up and running, starring a famous action movie star named Bruce, who we never see, and a newly minted action movie star named Jake. Jake is Bruce’s understudy, and at the rehearsal in question Jake meets his understudy, Harry, who happens to be the ex-fiance of the stage manager, Roxanne, who is running the rehearsal.
The Water’s Edge
With imagery and heightened emotions, this profound one act leaves the impact of a grand Greek Tragedy. A father comes home after a 17 year absence with his new girlfriend in tow. His wife, displeased and scorned, decides to take matters into her own hands. But what happens when people believe that the only way to heal is to hurt?
View of the Dome
This humor filled tale of political corruption, ingratitude and revenge concerns an idealistic young Washington attorney who persuades her former law professor, a man of lofty rhetoric, to run for Congress. Ideals shrivel in the Washington air as the professor is swept into an insider's circle that includes a leering, power drunk senator and a slinky Southern power broker. When the heroine is snubbed by the politically powerful at a fancy restaurant, her hurt feelings precipitate an all out war. She promotes a sex scandal that unexpectedly makes her the darling of the religious right.
What We’re Up Against
What happens when a group of architects are under the gun to design a new mall, but they can’t figure out where to place the air ducts?

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