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Adler & Gibb
The children swing their legs on the chairs. The student delivers the presentation. The older woman stands with the gun. The young couple arrives at the house. The house is returning to nature. A movie is being made. The truth is being plundered. But the house is still lived in and the spirit to resist is strong. Adler & Gibb tells the story of a raid - on a house, a life, a reality and a legacy.
An Oak Tree
The story of two men brought together by loss: a Father whose daughter has been killed in a car accident, and the driver of that car-a provincial stage hypnotist. For the father, nothing now is what it was. Since the accident the hypnotists' act is a disaster. For him, everything now is exactly what it is. an oak tree is about the Dramatic intertwining of human lives as the man and the hypnotist are reunited for the first time since the accident when the hypnotist inadvertently calls him on stage as a volunteer.
Cadavre Exquis - Kassys
A poem written by several poets, without knowing what the others have written. The first writer composes a line of poetry on a piece of paper. Then he or she folds the paper so that only the last word is visible. The second writer continues, guided by that last word. The third writer follows and so on.
A powerful, layered play that explores the significance of institutions: the gallery, the church, the hospital, and the relative values of art and heart. Using multiple voices and a scorching text, the performance surrounds the audience and implicates them in the story. Staged in a gallery space and therefore surrounded by the artefacts of other cultures, the show looks at difference and dislocation and the point at which cultures intersect.
I, Banquo
A blood-shot, story-telling journey into the heart of Shakespeares Macbeth, told through the eyes of his murdered best friend.
I, Caliban
A sweet and sorry tale about injustice, inebriation and missing your mum.
I, Cinna (the Poet)
The story of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar told through the eyes of a jiggling fool, a lowly poet having bad dreams, a man who finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. . . with the wrong name. . . while history thunders past.
I, Malvolio
Re-imagines Twelfth Night from the point of view of Shakespeare's pent-up notoriously wronged' steward. a story of lost dignity, prudery, practical, jokes and bullying that draws us deep into the madness of Shakespeare's classic comedy.
I, PeaseblossomI
The story of A Midsummer Nights Dream as re-lived through the fevered nightmares of Shakespeares most neglected fairy. Funny, heart-breaking and ever so slightly crazed, I, Peaseblossom is a gloriously anarchic dream of a dream, perfect for children and adults alike.
King Lear - Young People's Shakespeare
King Lear divides his Kingdom between his daughters according to a declaration of their love for him. His eldest Goneril and Regan exaggerate their affection and inherit. His youngest daughter Cordelia speaks only the truth and is banished. So begins the tragedy of King Lear, whose dignity, sanity and finally life are torn from him by a self-seeking younger generation, ambitious for his power. What is love, what is madness, what is truth - Shakespeare explores these questions together with many others in King Lear, widely considered to be his greatest tragedy. A royal family gather for Christmas. The father broadcasts his seasonal message: he's giving up work and dividing his kingdom. With this misjudged act the natural order is upturned and the scene is set for a story of family break-up, homelessness and heartbreak. In this new edited version, King Lear is brought vibrantly to life for schools, families and younger audiences.
May is on the brink, doing all she can to stop her thoughts from tipping her over the edge. Douglas thinks too much. He fancies himself as a bit of a writer. He wants his words to change May's world, but he has problems of his own. a darkly humorous modern day romance told in dance, text and song.
My Arm
A 10-year-old boy decides to live his life with one arm above his head. about bloody-mindedness and modern art. Funny, intimate and a little absurd.
Shopping For Shoes
The play follows the story of politically engaged teenager and narrator and her attraction to a man who expresses his "individuality" by wearing one of his 60 pairs of expensive branded trainers.
Autorul (The Author)
A story of hope, violence and exploitation" and concerns "about the abuse carried out in the name of the spectator.
What Happens To the Hope At the End Of the Evening
Your friend is late. the meal is spoiled. A shadow has fallen. the story of this evening, one evening and any evening. the story of a reunion, a reiteration and an act of betrayal. A journey into the space between opposing beliefs; between action and inaction; between forms; between friends.

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Tim Crouch

Tim Crouch s-a nascut la data de 1964 in Bognor Regis, Marea Britanie.

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