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A Law Unto Themselves
A small town New Zealand law firm with incompetent lawyers is the subject of a takeover by a larger more modern firm. Financial troubles for one of the lawyers leads to an innovative solution and an unrequited love story mean things change in the office forever.
A husband and wife have an argument while the wife is trying to complete a crossword puzzle. They are amicable to begin with but soon become argumentative, and eventually return to being amicable again.
Heaven Help Us!
In the waiting room of Heaven, Angela is filling in for St Peter. She is responsible for selecting those who enter, and unfortunately she has made a few mistakes lately. A group of eclectic characters gather there and vie for entry through the Pearly Gates whilst also trying to outwit God’s nasty CEO.
Holding Court
The viability of a small town New Zealand District Court is being considered by the Ministry of Justice. The local Judge, a slightly eccentric character, battles with a humourless ministry official to keep the Court open, and is supported in that endeavour by two lawyers, a criminal, and the Court Registrar. The sub plots involve the female lawyer trying to become a partner of her male dominated law firm, and an unrequited love story involving the Court Registrar and the second lawyer.
Just Looking
A 10 minute play about a female furniture store salesperson who chats to a friend as she waits for a customer. She must urgently make a big sale and tries to start a relationship with a wealthy and vulnerable customer at the same time.
On The Right Track
It is 1981. A gang of four railway workers have a secret they are anxious to keep. They work on the Taitapu to Westing railway line which has not had a train on it for years. They have managed to fly under the radar until now, turning up for work each day as if nothing was amiss, but when an overzealous ministry official turns up to conduct an audit, their livelihood is suddenly in jeopardy. Together they must come up with a plan to save their jobs. Meanwhile one of their number, Michael, a university student, is hopelessly in love with Sue, another of the workers, but struggles to crack her rough exterior. Barry, the undoubted boss of the crew tries to save their jobs with some creative accounting but fails. Michael however inadvertently stumbles upon some documentation which gives him leverage over the official, and in so doing wins the affections of Sue. A vital sacrifice is made, their jobs are saved and the ministry official is sent packing.
The Police Interview
In this 10 minute play a man is at a police station for a job interview. He believes he is to be interviewed for a position in the watch-house as a jailer. The Detective Senior Sergeant interviewing him is under the mistaken belief he is interviewing the man as the main suspect in an arson investigation. The officer’s inept sidekick is a probationary constable who quickly establishes himself as more of a hindrance than a help.
The Proposal
Two high level officials from the Ministry of Education meet together in a small office to discuss the implementation of a radical new policy for primary schools. The impression they convey is that this is a serious proposal when in fact it is total nonsense.
The Reunion
In this 10 minute play, two men in their mid 40s meet at a school reunion. They had known each other at school but were not friends. During the course of the conversation each tries to outdo the other as they talk about how successful they have been since leaving school. They are making it all up.
Thick as Thieves
Two small town criminals must get their hands on some drugs. Their search takes them to the surgery of an off the wall doctor in financial difficulties. What was meant to be a simple robbery becomes a complicated affair and the crooks find themselves barricaded in the doctor’s office with a number of his wacky patients as hostages, including a simple minded farming couple who mysteriously cannot get pregnant; and an eccentric hypochondriac who develops an affection for her captors.

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Tim Hambleton

Tim Hambleton s-a nascut la data de in , Noua Zeelandă.

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