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Beach : a Theatrical Fantasia
Vast and intimate, anguished and comic, playful and passionate, Beach is the quintessenital Australian play - a story of an Australian beach, from sunrise to sunset. From Governor arthur Phillip to Gallipoli, from beach cricket to shark attacks, from legal arrivals to illegal drop-offs, from family gatherings to solitary anguish, from the death of a Prime Minister to the murder of innocent children, Beach is a journey through events which have shaped our national dreams - and nightmares. Beach is not just about one Australian beach: it is all of them.
Calliper! Or The Critic Assassinated
Calliper is a one-man play that gleefully skewers the glossy excesses, insincerity and inner vacuity of Sydney's glitterati, literati and cognoscenti
Looks at the scandal that ended Eugene Goossens' career.
Derrida In Love
Jack Xavier is mad about Derrida. Jack's wife Lina is mad about Jack but sleeping with Derek. Jack's student and lover Miranda is mad about Jack - and also about Derrida. Derek isn't mad. Just confused. Enter Jacqueline. . .not mad, not confused, just deadly.
Ghosts, Dreamers, Exiles
An afternoon of five short plays from emerging writers, developed with Timothy Daly.
Kafka Dances
Inspired by reading the letters of Franz Kafka to his fiancée Felice Bauer, Daly has created a brilliant, lively, insightful play which draws on elements of Kafka’s life and family.
An interesting, well-crafted play which is dynamically directed and impressively erformed...it's about a journey and as the characters proceed along their individual treks we become entangle in their explorations.
The Don's Last Innings
Examines how a woman is coerced into a lifetime of indulging her husband's fantasies.
The Man in the Attic
Based on a true story. It’s early May, 1945, near the end of World War II. A man is found in the woods outside a remote town in northern Germany. The woman who finds him takes him back to her house, where she and her husband discover that he is a Jew. He is half-starved, and barely conscious, but fearing discovery by the Nazi authorities, they hide him in the attic—after stealing his money.
The Moonwalkers
Two couples, worlds apart- their roles written and performed in different styles- come together in a strange confrontation and union.
The Private Visions Of Gottfried Kellner
Bank manager Jack Kellner, is haunted by visions, the meaning of which he cannot fathom. A chance meeting with the descendant of a Holocaust survivor proves fatal when she immolates herself in front of him. He is later visited by the dead woman's sister, who enlists Jack's help to recover their grandfather's stolen bank accounts, confiscated by the Nazis in World War Two. In their crusade for justice Jack and his wife Kym are drawn into a 'conspiracy of good', but must confront a world of danger and corruption, and face the inevitable compromises of ethical action. The story, told in flashbacks, is framed by a series of chilling scenes in which Kym is interrogated by Swiss bank hit-man Raiven.
The Quiz King
A very funny play about what makes a man want to win... and the way the odds are stacked against him if he does. Ted is a TV quiz king, until he becomes unpopular with viewers and has to be removed. The play makes serious points about the deadliness of a society addicted to possessions, and the unscrupulousness of television.

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Timothy Daly

Timothy Daly s-a nascut la data de 1944 in , Australia.

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