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1969 captures the horror of high school and the chaos of the late 1960s. In a swirl of images, events and music of that year, a lonely high school senior takes a psychedelic journey towards sexual and political identity. Unable to conform and needing to escape, he travels along a Yellow Brick Road of the mind, encountering such personalities as Dr. Timothy Leary, Janis Joplin and Neil Armstrong--he is propelled headlong into the terrifying, hot center of the counterculture. Here, in the collective hallucination of the revolution, he embraces the possibility of reinventing himself and discovers the quirky spirit which will lead him into the gay Greenwich Village of the early 1970s. 1969 captures a generation's yearning to expand outward--into psychedelia, over the rainbow, to the moon.
Based loosely on the fairy tale of SLEEPING BEAUTY. In a medieval timescape, a young girl comes of age just as the world around her slips into the modern era. At the same time, a young man living in a modern metropolis sets off on a journey into the past to search for beauty, which has been lost to the world for some time. Can true love reach across the centuries, or will the trials and tribulations along way force romance and passion to remain asleep forever? With its contemporary view of a classic fairy tale, the memorable characters and haunting poetic imagery of BEAUTY will enchant young people and adults alike as it takes them on a transformative journey filled with magic, music, mystery and, above all, beauty.
Dream True
Two boyhood soulmates meet again as adults and attempt to incorporate the magic of their unique childhoods into their now disparate adults lives.
Flowd Collins
Based on true events which transpired in Kentucky, in 1925, when a caver named Floyd Collins became trapped one hundred and fifty feet underground and the rescue attempts above ground led to what was considered the "first great American media circus" - or "Deathwatch Carnival" - as tens of thousands of people flocked to the barren hills near Sand Cave to witness the happenings surrounding the rescue. FLOYD COLLINS focuses both on the carnival-like atmosphere above Floyd, and the interior journey of a single man as he faces his own solitude and impending death.

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Tina Landau

Tina Landau s-a nascut la data de 21 mai 1962 in New York, SUA.

Dramaturg si regizor, membru al companiei teatrale Steppenwolf Theatre Company din Chicago Illinois.

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