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Nu vorbiţi cu actorii (Don’t Talk to the Actors)
Meet fledgling playwright Jerry Przpezniak and his betrothed Arlene Wyniarski, a couple of Buffalo greenhorns who are suddenly swept up in the whirlwind of New York's theatre scene when Jerry's play is optioned for Broadway. It's a young playwright's dream, but the characters and dilemmas they encounter in New York are the things nightmares are made of.
Comedie despre un tânăr care, în ziua de Crăciun, îşi aduce acasă logodnica evreică pentru a o prezenta părinților săi, catolici practicanți. De aici vor porni discuții care analizează dragostea, religia, adevărul, realitatea înconjurătoare. Textul sinopsisului aici. Limita de caractere: 445 de caractere (inclusiv spatiu)
Hail Mary!
Comedia ne-o prezintă pe Mary, o tânără și hotărâtă călugăriță novice care se află în conflict cu Stareța mănăstirii care este o înfocată apărătoare a ”religiei de tip vechi”. Mary își periclitează serios cariera de călugăriță atunci când îi învață pe copii despre propria ei viziune asupra lui Dumnezeu. Apariția unui tânăr care se îndrăgostește de ea, complică lucrurile și mary nu știe ce cale să aleagă.
King o' the Moon
In this hilarious, heartfelt sequel toOver the Tavern, the Pazinski family has left the conservative 1950s for the rebellious 1960s. But prior knowledge of this working-class family is not a prerequisite to appreciating their ongoing trials and triumphs. As Apollo 11 is about to land on the moon, the family gathers to honor their late father's memory, and they quickly become entangled in each others' problems -- Rudy is re-thinking the priesthood, Eddie is preparing for fatherhood and Vietnam, and Annie is contemplating divorce as their mother Ellen considers a new romance. There's rarely a quiet moment in the Pazinski household as they hurtle towards the next decade.
Lake Effect (Over the Tavern, Part III)
In this play we are reacquainted with the Pazinski family who has gathered, undaunted by heavy snowfall warnings, for the centennial celebration of their parish church, which has dominated and shaped their lives growing up on Buffalo's East Side. When the mayor announces a driving ban throughout the city, the Pazinski's find themselves trapped, forcing them to confront family issues through miraculous and comical mishaps. "Lake Effect" is an endearing story about an ordinary family that discovers the gifts of real love and commitment through extraordinary situations.
Later Life
Sally and Austin had separated from their spouses, and their chance encounter in Boston appeared to be becoming romantic again. But things quickly change, and Sally goes back to her husband, who had been physically abusive to her.
Me Too, Then!
The play follows Vera and her dependence on material goods. Vera discovers during the play how to laugh from her experiences.
Miracle on South Division Street
Povestea familiei Nowak din Buffalo, East Side. Clara este mama familiei care, în ciuda mediului înconjurător dezolant, este o fire veselă care păstrează o cutie cu moaștele unei sfinte care, în 1942 a apărut în frizeria tatălui ei. Fiica ei, Ruth plănuiește să facă public acest fapt scriind o piesă pe acest subiect, plan care este dezbătut de familie într-o manieră sinceră și hilară.
On the Road with Hank the Horse
Wanting a break from his job as an ad man, Henry takes his wife and son on a trip to see his old neighborhood. While at a gas station, Henry's vacation takes a turn for the worse when a mysterious man invades their car and holds them up at gunpoint. The ensuing mayhem brings forth a number of revelations for Henry, especially when he realizes that the desperate stranger may not be a stranger at all.
Over the Tavern
In that most idealized period of 20th-century America, the Eisenhower years of the 1950s, the Pazinski family has a lot going on in their cramped Buffalo apartment. The youngest of the bunch, 12-year-old Rudy, is a smart, wise-cracking kid who's starting to question family values and the Roman Catholic Church. When Rudy goes up against the ruler-wielding Sister Clarissa and announces that instead of being confirmed he'd rather shop around for a more "fun" religion, all hell breaks loose. A warm and hilarious look at family, growing up, and God.
The Last Mass at St. Casimir's
In the endearing last chapter of the Over the Tavern trilogy of plays, it's the end of an era in a working-class Catholic neighborhood, and the Pazinski clan has gathered to say their final goodbyes to their recently-sold childhood home. But when an unexpected blizzard compels the mayor to announce a driving ban throughout the city, they're trapped together in their old house, forced to confront and resolve lingering family issues -- albeit through miraculous and comical mishaps. Through all their trials and misfortune, the Pazinski family finally discovers the gifts of real love.

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