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Leave It The Way You Found It
The Government has been trying to pressure cottagers at Magnetewan Provincial Park to leave for years. Then they tried to take away their flag poles.
Pogey Papers
The play looks at one truly unifying Canadian institution - employment insurance. Walt has trouble relating to his girlfriend Suzanne , when the company she works for goes bankrupt. But that's nothing to how he relates to himself and everyone else when he is fired.
The Windigo
Legends of a monster in the snow don't mean much to four people at an isolated lumber mill - until a blizzard that won't stop begins and something starts to stalk them.
Three Scenes in a Gazebo
The end of summer always makes Canadians stop to take stock, as it does for three couples meeting at a gazebo in a small Ontario town.

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Tom MacGregor

Tom MacGregor s-a nascut la data de in , Canada.

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