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A Permanent Solution...
The play ollows the lives of a group of friends dealing with the issue of depression and suicide. Lisa, a straight “A” student with a bright future is having problems dealing with issues from the past that have haunted her for years. She has been dating her boyfriend, Jason, for three years, but he is unsure he is still committed to the relationship, even though he still loves her deeply. Her best friend, Dee, having dealt with mental health issues in the past tries to be supportive while Brad, Jason’s best friend, uses humour to help his friends while disguising his own problems. The play is poignant, powerful, humourous, educational and speaks honestly to today’s youth about depression and suicide and offers them a message of hope.
I Can't Feel the Rain
Life has a way of being unpredictable. Mark, Bobbi and Tyler are enjoying their last year of high school when Mark’s former girlfriend, Sarah, shows up and drops a bombshell; she is HIV positive. But not only that...she also informs Mark that she had been physical with the other boy while still involved with him and so there might be a chance Mark is infected. The play follows Mark’s two week roller coaster ride of emotions while he awaits the results of his test. I Can’t Feel the Rain is a sensitive, moving and informative story that all adolescents should see. The play’s message is delivered in such a way that it does not preach to its audience. It merely tells a story and carries with it a strong message of caution in this age of uncertainty.
Intimate Betrayal
A story about five friends, Jeremy, Mike, Emma, Ruth and Annie, in their senior year of high school. They have known each other since elementary school and are looking forward to spending as much time as possible together before they head off to University in the Fall. But, as fate would have it, all their hopes and dreams change in an instant when they have to deal with the fact that Jeremy is accused by Emma of raping her. They both wanted to have sex that night, there is no questions about that. So did the assault actually occur? Will their friendships survive this ordeal? These are just some of the questions both the characters and audience must answer for themselves.
King of the Castle
The story of a student’s victimization at the hands of a bully. Paul’s life is not only physically threatened, but when his best friend, Beth, starts to date Jake, the bully, their friendship is tested. Through violence, intimidation, manipulation and deceit, Paul’s world becomes a nightmare. All this and more lead to the dramatic conclusion of the play. King of the Castle is a gritty, harsh portrayal of the consequences of violence facing students today. The play is shocking, entertaining and educational.
Live on Stage Uncensored
An anthology of music, dance, monologues, poetry and scenes. The play explores the challenges today's adolescents face in making clear and informed decisions about sex and abstinence. It highlights the realities of teenage frustrations, the mythologies surrounding sex, and the pressures, both real and imagined, that teenagers
The play follows the lives of four teenage students through their grade nine year. Sabrina, Kellie, David and Larry have grown up as friends, but in high school everything changes. In order to fit in with the “cool” crowd, Sabrina starts smoking, a habit she started in elementary school. This eventually leads to other problems, like cutting classes, drinking and drugs. She, in turn, pressures Kellie, a dancer, into smoking. David, however, is firmly set against smoking because his father is dying from lung cancer. Meanwhile, Larry is dealing with his own personal problems at home while, at the same time, trying to keep his group of friends from breaking up.

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