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Grace and Gloire
Estelle Parsons and Lucie Arnaz starred on Broadway in this charmer set in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Grace, a feisty 90 year old cancer patient, has checked herself out of the hospital and returned to her beloved homestead cottage to die alone. The volunteer hospice worker who appears with the pain medication Grace willfully left behind is a Harvard MBA recently transplanted to this rural backwater from New York. Glorie is tense, unhappy and guilt ridden, her only child having been killed in an auto accident when she was driving. As she attempts to care for and comfort the cantankerous rustic, this sophisticated urbanite gains new perspectives on values and life's highs and lows.
Home Games
The setting is a modest apartment in the crime ridden section of New York called Washington Heights. It is all our leading character Mertle Mae Tucker can afford on her clerical position while taking care of her brain damaged father Tony Tucker. You see Anton “Tony” Tucker thinks it is l955, and he is still a member of the New York Yankees as a 3rd or 4th string catcher who never gets to bat. He thinks his daughter Mert is Yankee manager Casey Stengel, the apartment is Yankee Stadium and the theatre audience are the fans in the stands. He talks to us, about the games and President Eisenhower’s health All day long he mainly wears a baseball uniform, waiting for “Casey” to come home to feed him a can of soup and maybe a Twinkie. Mert has enrolled in a night class in American Literature and one evening a stranger comes to call. Frank, a sharp dressing young man who is Mert’s age, arrives at the door with flowers and wants her to help him with their literature class, the only one he needs to get his degree and asks for her help to pass the class.
Treapta a noua
Joanna este alcoolică. În urmă cu şase ani şi-a părăsit fiica şi soţul, s-a urcat la volanul propriei maşini şi s-a oprit în vitrina unui pet shop. Au urmat spitalul de boli nervoase, terapia şi asociaţia alcoolicilor anonimi. Aflată încă pe drumul fragil al recuperării de sine şi al asumării trecutului, Joanna păşeşte pe treapta a noua a unui sistem de vindecare în 12 etape şi îşi invită fiica în vizită chiar în ziua în care aceasta împlineşte 16 ani. O reîntâlnire dureroasă pentru ambele, un prilej pentru mamă de a-şi cere iertare şi a păşi mai departe.

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Tom Ziegler

Tom Ziegler s-a nascut la data de in Chicago, SUA.

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