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Aladdin: The Story Of A Boy
The Guardians of the Universe are fed up. One of their number, Superbus, has been using his powers for some pretty silly things such as melting the South Pole and inventing 20-20 cricket. The other Guardians decide he needs to be taught a lesson so they shut him away in a tatty old lamp they picked up cheap at Target. Superbus, they decree, may only be released if the lamp is found by a boy named Aladdin… The ensuing narrative whisks us away on a roller-coaster ride of magic, music, mirth and mayhem as our young hero struggles to overcome the wily verse-speaking villain, Abanazar, and win the beautiful Princess Badroulbadour from the clammy grasp of Prince Lilac of Tinnia. And also, in a final great test, to discover the Secret of the Universe, which is - but that's a secret; you'll just have to read the script to find out.
This pantomime takes the traditional story of Cinderella, mixes in a range of extraordinary characters including a malpropistic stepmother and a somewhat unlikely fairy godmother, then adds spectacle and magic, puns and gags to create a play which is suitable for experienced youth and amateur groups.
Granny Get Your Gun!
Panto meets the wild and woolly West as Miss Lotty and the intrepid citizens of Hope Springs defend young Marion from the evil designs of lawyers, outlaws, Injuns and of course the Mysterious Spaghetti Kid - who IS that masked man? A fast moving, fun packed family show. No written score available. An audio recording is available on request but many companies prefer to find their own songs.
Humpty Dumpty: The Egg's Files
Not so long ago, and in a galaxy not so far away, there is wailing and gnashing of teeth. The little robot, Hum2Dum2 has gone missing and with him have gone the secret files that could end the reign of the evil Queen Pangea. In desperation, Prince Jaywalker, heroic leader of the rebel forces, sets off to find the errant droid but, unknown to him, Queen Pangea and her mysterious assistant, Daft Ada, have despatched her nasty sons to get to him first... An eggs-hilarating free-range entertainment for the whole family!
Island Of Secrets
Two children are travelling to meet the father they have never known when their ship is wrecked in a storm. They find themselves caught up in rebellion, magic, and mystery. Their presence seems to have been pre-arranged - but by whom? A spectacular adventure comedy, ideal for performance by secondary school or youth groups.
Mother Goose
Emily, a giant golden goose, is sent from another world to help save humanity from itself. She is befriended by Mother Goose and her two servants; Mary, who sees Emily's golden eggs as the means for workers to control production; and the simpleton Jack. The capitalist baddies who are after Emily are Sir Willoughby and his idiots Dim and Sim.
Oedipus Schmoedipus
Oedipus sits under a tree at Colonus directing a re-enactment of his life. But as a fictional character is he bound to enact the same story the same way? Why not create his own interpretation of events? The result is more deconstruction than reconstruction as, in true postmodern style, he builds his own fiction from the fictions of others introducing some surprising characters (eg Christ, Godot, Alice, the Dead Frogs Society) and coming to a surprising conclusion.
A young boy escapes from the police by running into a church. A passion play is in rehearsal there - or is it? The boy is drawn into the action of the story and reveals the reason he is being chased. An unusual slant on the Christian story which raises questions about the value of faith in the modern world.
Members of a family recount their experiences when the father develops Alzheimer's disease. Moving, powerful and funny. Not as bleak as it sounds.
Robin Hood And The Babes In The Wood
The Green Stone which keeps Sherwood Forest safe has been stolen. Robin Hood, falsely accused of the theft is doing everything he can to force the Sheriff of Nottingham – the true thief – to confess. But the Sheriff has other plans – he wants to take control of the forest by marrying its owner, the fair Maid Marion of Chigwell, Robin’s former sweetheart! Before he can do this however, her feisty mama, Lady Victoria Park, says he has to be rich - and he isn’t! But then his brother dies and leaves him in charge of the Babes which is when he discovers that - …. if the children chance to die Ere they to age should come, Their uncle should possess their wealth; For so the will did run……!
The Adventures Of Sinbad The Sailor
The long-running feud between the intrepid Prince Sinbad and his arch-enemy Poseidon, the Old Man of the Sea, has come to a crisis with Sinbad's triumphant capture of the Last Dodo's Egg. Poseidon resolves on a final revenge and, having joined forces with Binbad, Sinbad's evil twin brother, succeeds in sending poor old Sinbad spinning away to the Land of Lost Things. Is this the end of the line for Sinbad? What will happen to his fiance, the beautiful Princess Lucy? Why is that witch dressed as a mermaid?
The Fires of Muspell
The play is set in the world of Norse mythology. Loki, the mischief-making outsider, plots to secure his position in Asgard by marrying Freya, the sister of Odin, father of the gods. While resisting this, Odin is preoccupied with two things: the preservation of his human protégé Baldur and the prevention of Ragnarok – the end of the world.
The Labouchere File
A young man, fleeing from an unhappy romance, joins a mercenary army somewhere in northern Australia, but the army is all female and more than a little strange. When they start to talk, surprising revelations ensue...
The SecretOf Snow White
Queen Nigella has a couple of problems. In order to remain "the fairest of them all" she has been secretly removing all the pretty girls in the kingdom and people are beginning to notice. That's bad enough but now this handsome young Prince Diamond has turned up claiming to be betrothed to the Queen's niece, Princess Blanche. Unfortunately Princess Blanche was one of the Queen's first victims - or was she? Where have all the girls gone? What does the castle cook, Gloria Mundy, know about it all? And what is the secret of her daughter, the servant girl, Snow White? And as for those famous dwarves, well, yes, of course, they're there too - though not entirely what they seem.
The Wind In The Willows
A new, fast-moving but faithful adaptation of Kenneth Grahame's children's classic, featuring a new score by Richard John.
This is an unusual, highly theatrical, nativity play which manages to combine history, humour and a true sense of celebration of the Christmas story. Beginning with a spectacular dance drama prologue depicting the creation of the world and the fall of man the play then moves to Judaea where we meet King Herod, Zechariah and Elizabeth and of course Joseph and Mary. Using narration and acted scenes the whole nativity story is presented.

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