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Family Meeting
Washed up playwright Daniel is fed up with writing B-Movies and plans to move back to New York to be near live theatre. His twenty year old grandson, Jason, arrives and wants to stay for a while as he can no longer standing his parents arguing. Then Jason's father Ed arrives and asks Jason if he should divorce his mother. Daniel telephones Karen and asks her to come over so they can have a family meeting and sort things out.
Look At Me
Can a son's blind ambition endanger his whole family?
The play takes a look at gay marriage from the point of view of one couple who took the marriage plunge and one couple that didn’t. The story centers around the twenty-five-year married couple Josh and his husband Marty. They are a committed, non-open marriage, couple who are comfortable in their own skins and with their marriage state. Following a dinner party with mutual friends, Marty has invited a young couple Gary and his partner of two years, Ben back to their home for nightcaps and conversation.
Mr Horn
Inspired by William Wycherley's The Country Wife, a horny young man pretends to be a fop, in order to gain the trust of the men whose wives he intends to seduce.
The Comeback
Ageing screen actress Nora Raymond is planning a comeback. Count Orca has sent her a mysterious letter. He later shows up at Nora's home and they together with Nora's assistant Thelma hold a seance. They are trying to get in touch with Johnny Bellini Nora's long missing presumed dead husband. During the seance Johnny walks in.

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Tony Padilla

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