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Billy is the supposedly mute Aboriginal servant in the Charles' Sydney household. The Charles' and their small circle of friends spend their time organising musical soirees and picnics. Boundaries of behaviour are challenged across class distinctions, sexual relations, racial tensions and religious beliefs in this confined and isolated community.
Jones & Jones
A Downstage commission for the Mansfield centenary, this play focuses on the relationship between Katherine Mansfield and Ida Baker and their private alter egos as Jones and Jones, cabaret artistes.
An adaption of the play by Aristophanes. This bawdy comedy is relocated round the spa pools and coffee tables of Wellington. If the women act together, the men might agree to support disarmament.
Translated from Euripides' Medea. The dramatic dignity and epic quality of the tragedy is well supported by the free verse and heightened colloquialism of this translation.
Based on the incident at Featherston Prisoner of War camp in 1943, when 49 Japanese prisoners were shot. It explores the implications and considers what happens when people of two cultures are brought together in such extreme circumstances.
Take The Moon, Mr Casement
Roger Casement: Irish patriot, English traitor. Based on historical events leading to the demise of this famous figure who was both loved and loathed.
The Lives & Loves Of Harry & George
A play of blackmail and the passage of time with two men who have shared a house for forty years.
Yellow Brides
Jason's Asian bride Queenie has much from her own culture to offer relatives and friends in her new home of New Zealand. What have they got in return to offer Queenie? An East/West cultural clash leads to tragedy.

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Vincent O’Sullivan

Vincent O’Sullivan s-a nascut la data de in , Noua Zeelandă.

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