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An American Daughter
Dr. Lyssa Dent Hughes is nominated to be the Surgeon General of the United States and appears to be a certainty. She is the daughter of a senator. Her nomination is now in doubt, with her friend, Judith B. Kaufman, an African American Jewish physician, lending support.
Any Woman Can't
A farce on a woman’s attempts to succeed in an environment traditionally dominated by men.
Bette and Me
The author and the legendary Bette Midler get their hair done, try on make-up, and row a boat on the Hudson River. They finally end up at Radio City Music Hall, where Wendy rises from the orchestra pit on a half-shell with a blonde wig and six-foot eyelashes.
Isn't It Romantic
About two uncommon women into the jungle of New York. They seek fulfillment, self-respect, romance and take-out food. One of the dozen morals in this overstuffed play is: you can't have everything, so make sure you know exactly what you want.
Old Money
About the feelings that range from the loneliness that follows the death of a family member to the anger that propels an outsider who wants in.
Tender Offer
About the father-daughter relationship. Opening with Lisa idling dancing and singing while she waits for her father, Paul, the play starts to paint a picture of the typical businessman father who isn't around much for his child. He starts by trying to be friendly and joke around with her in attempt to make up for the recital that he missed while away at a meeting. Awkward tension floats around between the two, as this happens often, and the characters aren't as close as they'd like to be. Paul uses vocabulary more fit for his colleagues that his nine-year-old daughter, and Lisa goes on emotional tangents stemming from the dysfunction of their relationship. They continue talking over each others heads, and not quite meeting on the same page while still at the dance studio where Paul came to pick up Lisa in the first place. From searching for the girl's leg warmers, to complaining about an ugly trophy, they can't seem to bring themselves to head home yet. Stalling and even arguing continues until Paul realizes that something needs to change, regarding their relationship and the fact that they haven't left. He makes Lisa a "tender offer" basically promising to meet her halfway in creating a closer bond between them. This seems to close the gap in communication that has been present throughout the play and results in their singing and dancing to end the show happily.
The Heidi Chronicles
The plot follows Heidi Holland from high school in the 1960s to her career as a successful art historian more than twenty years later. The play's main themes deal with the changing role of women during this time period, describing both Heidi's ardent feminism during the 1970s and her eventual sense of betrayal during the 1980s. Though most of the characters are women, there are two important male characters; Peter Patrone, a gay pediatrician who is arguably Heidi's best friend, and Scoop Rosenbaum, a magazine editor who marries and has many affairs, and with whom Heidi has a tense friendship.
The Man in a Case
Varinka is a free spirit in love with the older Byelinkov, the most proper man in town. But his inhibitions and worries about how he and Varinka are perceived when she boldly rides a bicycle about town threatens to unravel their impending marriage. An adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s short story.
The Object of My Affection
Social worker Nina Borowski is a bright young woman living in a cozy Brooklyn apartment. Nina attends a party given by her stepsister and her husband. There Nina meets George Hanson, a young, handsome, and gay first grade teacher. Nina tells George that her stepsister is constantly trying to fix her up with somebody from higher society, completely ignoring the fact that Nina has a boyfriend, Vince. During the conversation, Nina offers George a room in her apartment as she has just heard from his boyfriend, Dr. Robert Joley, that George is looking for somewhere to live. George, not knowing about Robert's plans, is taken aback and heartbroken, and after the party the two split up. George accepts Nina's offer and moves into her apartment.
The Sisters Rosensweig
Sara, who lives in London, is a representative for a major Hong Kong bank and is about to turn 54. Her sisters arrive to help celebrate the birthday. Various friends and boyfriends also arrive for the party. In particular, Mervyn, a friend of Pfeni's boyfriend Geoffrey, falls instantly in love with Sara.
About the life of a female college professor at a prestigious liberal arts college, Laurie Jameson, and how her life and fundamental assumptions are challenged by an encounter with a student. The professor and student have strongly divergent personal and political characteristics. Because of these differences, the professor accuses the student of plagiarism when he turns in an assignment that seems, to her, to be beyond his ability to produce.
Uncommon Women and Others
Alumnae of Mount Holyoke College meet for lunch one day in 1978 and talk about their time together in college.

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Wendy Wasserstein

Wendy Wasserstein s-a nascut la data de 18 octombrie 1950 in Brooklyn New York, SUA.

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