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A Decent Birth, A Happy Funeral Fragment disponibil online
Across the Board On Tomorrow Morning Text disponibil online
Agony Of Little Nations, The
Armenians Fragment disponibil online
Bad Men In The West
Beautiful People, The
boy writes one word novels, sister who pretends to believe in mouse words, and philosopher father who fives by benefit fraud; sustained innocence and blessed derangement
Oamenii cavernelor (Cave Dwellers The)
records the adventures of some penniless people who are camping out on the stage of an abandoned theatre that is about to be pulled down for a housing project
Coming Through The Rye Text disponibil online
Dentist And Patient
Don't Go Away Mad
Elmer And Lily
"Elmer and Lily is composed in six short sketch - . . . written with the intention of trying to extend the form, content, and style of the musical i evue," wi ites William Saroyan in his foreword to Elmer and Lily. To ab. orb al ial fo the play, Saroyan spent many evenings in Harlem, he tells us. and has tried to express the "innocence and unrest — various kinds of seeking, various kinds of effort, hope, and dreaming," which he saw. He wants us to know, for oxample, the essence of the dance halls where "the boys and girls break into tire while dancing to something sweet but hard and strong— the music always supple and tough, the boys and girls always impersonal about the dreams of perfection they danced."
Get Away Old Man Text disponibil online
Great American Goof, The
Hello Out There Text disponibil online
A small Texas jail. Photo-Finish is a down on his luck gambler and ends up in jail in a hole-in-the-wall town as a result of a married harlot crying rape when he refused to pay her after having sex with her. There he meets Emily, an unhappy cook. When they meet, it is love at first sight. Emily and Photo-Finish fall in love and make plans to go to San Francisco, but their plans are crushed when the men looking for Photo-Finish find him, and kill him.
Hungerers, The Text disponibil online
Husband And Wife
Jim Dandy Text disponibil online
Jim Sam And Anna
Love's Old Sweet Song Fragment disponibil online
My Heart's In The Highlands Fragment disponibil online
A comedy about a young boy and his Armenian family, set in a waterfront saloon in San Francisco.
My Name Is Aram
A play in which problems experienced because of nationality seem incidental compared to broader human questions. Central to this play is the Armenian diaspora: the separation from native land, birthplace, home, and nation.
New Play, The
Once Around The Block
Comedia se petrece în camera unui apartament de hotel situat pe 52nd Street, la vest de Broadway, New York City, în 1949. Aici îi întâlnim pe tânîrul sciitor bețiv Philip Judah, pe Jimmy London, pe polițistul Joe Smith, pe frumușica Frances Gate, fană a lui Philip Judah.
Opera, Opera
A piece full of silliness and ridiculous repetitions.
Ping-Pong Game, The
The title "The Ping Pong Players" represents both the literal and figurative activity taking place between the main characters, and I'm reminded of the 1970s song "Head Games" by the rock group Foreigner to describe their verbal match of wits.
Poetic Situation In America, The
Radio Play
Sam Ego's House
Sam the Highest Jumper Of Them All
Sam, a nice bank clerk, whom everybody likes, is falsely accused of robbing the bank. That's Act 1. Act 2 opens with the line: 'This is where things get worse.' And they do. Sam, having been bashed on the head, is now mad; but only North by North West. He just wants to jump higher than anybody has ever done. The characters include a rival bank clerk, the bank manager, a stripper, a blind beggar, a Teddy boy, a Russian, a gypsy, an Irish priest, Princess Margaret, a racing tipster, two grandparents, a man with a clock and an ambassador for the audience. The play, as you might expect, is an allegory with a political agenda. There's talk of the Atom bomb and the born, the dying and the dead. The style is strictly expressionistic. The critics in 1960 had a field day: 'a ragbag of shallow nonsense,' said the Evening Standard. 'Appears to be written by a nine-year-old,' said The Daily Mail. 'Pretty exasperating,' said the Evening News. 'Obscure,' said The Daily Telegraph. 'Wholly unnecessary experiment,' said The Tatler. 'An evening of rare monotony,' said The Times. Saroyan, never a man to take things lying down, wrote an incoherent letter to the critics, which ended with this comment: 'I say Sam is a good play. I'm sorry you say it isn't. One of us is obviously mistaken. Knowing the paltry little I know, I almost believe it is me.' The critics did not reply.Robert Tanitch, British Theatre Guide
Settled Out Of Court
Slaughter Of The Innocents, The
Subway Circus Text disponibil online
Talking To You
The Cave Dwellers Fragment disponibil online
There's Something I Got To Tell You
Time Of Your Life, The Fragment disponibil online
The play is set in Nick's Pacific Street Saloon, Restaurant and Entertainment Palace, a run down dive bar in San Francisco. Much of the action of the play centers around Joe, a young loafer with money who encourages each of the bar's patrons in their eccentricities. Joe helps out a would-be dancer, Harry, and sets up his flunky, Tom, with a prostitute, Kitty Duval. The bar is frequented by a number of colorful characters, including a frenetic young man in love, an old man who looks like Kit Carson, and an affluent society couple.

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William Saroyan

William Saroyan s-a nascut la data de 31 august 1908 in , SUA.

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