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A Second Hand Memory
Alma, our narrator, begins by explaining that she can go anywhere in time and space, because the play we are about to see, set in 1950's Brooklyn, is memory - not even her memory. This memory is a fantasy of certain events described to her in letters by her kid brother, Eddie.
Bullets over Lipscani
Camil Petrescu sau Dostoievski? Proust sau Melville? O blondă sau o brunetă? Pierduţi în hăţişul acestor întrebări, eroii din Bullets over Lipscani ajung să se autodevoreze, să comită crime sau să se lase prinşi în tot felul de combinaţii interlope. Dacă poveştile din ghetto-uri şi intrigile poliţiste devin prea anoste şi repetitive, atunci cea mai bună sursă de adrenalină o aflăm din reţetele livreşti asortate cu absurdul. -Beatrice Lepadat
Central Park West
A chronicle of dysfunction. Part of Death Defying Acts.
Reflects an allegorical undercurrent reflecting the author's view of death.
Don't Drink the Water
Young American ambassador helps New York caterer who is mistaken for a spy in a Communist country.
From A To Z
Companion piece to Death.
Hollywood Motel
The author invites you to the sort of wedding day you won't forget.
Old Sybrook
The convivial atmosphere of Sheila and Normans wedding anniversary celebration at their summer retreat is disturbed when a couple arrive and prompt the subsequent revelation of secrets.
Play It Again Sam
A divorced film magazine writer, Allan Felix is trying to restart his romantic life. Eventually he falls in love (and has a brief affair) with Linda, the wife of his best friend, Dick. During the course of the play, he repeatedly seeks advice from the ghost of his idol, Humphrey Bogart, but eventually decides that he needs to be himself rather than imitating Bogart. Telling Linda that the right thing for her to do is to return to her husband, Felix quotes the famous lines that Bogart delivers to Ingrid Bergman in the last scene of Casablanca.
Riverside Drive
A dark comedy about a homeless genius who has been stalking a screenwriter for weeks, convinced that the man has stolen his idea-in fact, his life-to create a successful movie plot. the two have it out on Riverside Drive while the screenwriter is waiting to meet with his mistress so that he can tell her that he has to go back to his wife.
The Floating Light Bulb
Family troubles cause son to retreat into the world of magic in a 1945 Brooklyn neighbourhood.

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Woody Allen

Woody Allen s-a nascut la data de 1 decembrie 1935 in New York, SUA.

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