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Punctul orb (Blind Spot)
The play tells the story of a young woman named Nicki (in Greek Nicki means “victory”) who after the death of her husband stands wavering between a paralyzing depression and the need to go on living. Looking for a way out of her suffocating narrow world, she leaves her job at the bank where she worked and finds comfort in the noisy adiaphoria of a city’s big streets. Her encounter there with a woman at the traffic lights reveals an other reality and activates forces inside her which until then she ignored.
Fucking Job
Resistance. Acceptance. Silence. The young heroine of the play, exhausted by the demands of her job in the kitchen of a fast-food restaurant, gives in to the unbridled play of her imagination and, in a frenzy, seeks for some promise of deliverance or, at least, of total destruction.
With the member of a board as the main character, “Redshift” tells the story of a parasitosis in all its stages, from the infection and the incubation up to the hatching and the parasite’s final emergence.
Set in a contemporary context of disclosure, the play tells the story of a boy who lives on the edge of reality, converses with the forces of chaos and vacillates between the corrosive power of life and its denial.
What happens when pathological dependence is given the name “love”, but takes the form of violence? Based on true events, which recently “bruised” the consciousness of a civilized Europe, the play tells the story of a man who seeks obsessively for absolute devotion and confirms it by denying another’s freedom. Since he feels unable to communicate with the circle of people around him, he projects his construct of companionship onto an adolescent girl in her innocence. The consequences leave no-one unscathed.

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Yannis Mavritsakis

Yannis Mavritsakis s-a nascut la data de 1964 in Montreal, Quebec, Grecia.

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