3 von 5 millionen, de Fritz Kater


Kater dramatically compresses his version of this fairytale story about three unemployed south German men who set out to seek their fortunes in the 1920s. Chance places tickets to South American in their hands, but the economic crisis catches up with them there, and they are washed back to Europe. Always on the margins of existence, they laboriously make their way to Berlin. The second part of the play, is a painter’s manifesto about the search for authenticity in art and the pain of a life at loggerheads with the world. The last part, shifts the action to contemporary Germany and tells of an amateurish attempt at criminality by three former friends. After a raid goes wrong because the bank they want to rob has closed, they turn their attention to a small jeweller’s shop. Shots are fired. As they make their hasty escape, the three find their past catching up on them.

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