A Simple Procedure, de Thomas Sainsbury


It's a simple enough procedure. With a gun-like machine, a microchip will be inserted into your hand. This means there will be no more rifling around in your handbag and/or wallet for your eftpos card or passport. No sirree. It also means all those pesky terrorists, psychos, criminals, and in fact anyone undesirable, won't have access to any of our 'public' spaces. But what exactly constitutes undesirable? A Simple Procedure is a comedic dystopian tale. It begins when a brutal stabbing on the London underground throws five people's lives into disarray. And the only way to make sure this atrocious act doesn't happen again? Why, it's a simple enough procedure. A simple microchip inserted into ones hand is all one needs . . .

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gen: comedie
lungime: nu stiu

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