Aladdin: The Story Of A Boy, de Tony Nicholls


The Guardians of the Universe are fed up. One of their number, Superbus, has been using his powers for some pretty silly things such as melting the South Pole and inventing 20-20 cricket. The other Guardians decide he needs to be taught a lesson so they shut him away in a tatty old lamp they picked up cheap at Target. Superbus, they decree, may only be released if the lamp is found by a boy named Aladdin… The ensuing narrative whisks us away on a roller-coaster ride of magic, music, mirth and mayhem as our young hero struggles to overcome the wily verse-speaking villain, Abanazar, and win the beautiful Princess Badroulbadour from the clammy grasp of Prince Lilac of Tinnia. And also, in a final great test, to discover the Secret of the Universe, which is - but that's a secret; you'll just have to read the script to find out.

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