Andorra, de Max Rudolf Frisch


About Andri, a boy who is brought up as the Jewish adoptive son of the town's Teacher, who claims to have rescued him as a child from the neighbouring, anti-semitic "Blacks". But the story of Andri's origin is a lie: he is the illegitimate child of the Teacher and the Señora, a lady from the Blacks, and Andri is not a Jew. Andri is engaged to the Teacher's daughter Barblin, who he has grown up with and who is his half-sister. While the Teacher tries to ensure they do not marry, Andri becomes the center of anti-semitism first from his fellow town members and later from invading Black forces. When the Teacher finally reveals the truth, the townspeople do not accept it, and permit Andri to be killed. At the end, Andri identifies with the Jews and defiantly welcomes his fate.

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