Atys, de Philippe Quinault


Atys sings the air "Allons, allons" at a brisk tempo to wake up the Phrygians so that they can give a proper welcome to Cybèle. Idas mocks him suggesting his motivation might be too much love for the goddess in the air "Vous veillez lorsque tout sommeil." Sangaride and Doris arrive and Sangaride is betrothed to the king of the Phrygians, Celenus, and pretends to be excited for the wedding, especially because the goddess Cybèle will attend. We learn that Sangaride is in fact unhappy about her forthcoming wedding, for she is really in love with Atys. Atys finds Sangaride lamenting and confesses his love for her in the and Sangaride is astonished by his declaration of love.

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gen: tragedie
lungime: nu stiu

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