Bene mio e core mio, de Eduardo De Filippo


Chiarina mature sister of Lorenzo Savastano, a restorer of works of art, threatens suicide if her brother is getting married, because of fears of being marginalized. Lorenzo, in front of his sister selfishness, accepts an offer to work in America. During his absence, the greengrocer Filuccio Chiarina seduces and gets her pregnant. When Lorenzo returns, Filuccio, decided to marry Chiarina, asks the warehouse and the house which is located upstairs, under the pretext of settling the old stepmother Virginia. But Lorenzo discovers that Virginia is beautiful and rich and Filuccio would forfeit his possessions, taking advantage of the religiosity of Virginia, convinced her to be in touch with his late father, and that he was opposed to these other wedding. Lorenzo takes revenge: he married Virginia, intestandole the house and the warehouse.

adaugat de roxanatenea

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gen: comedie
lungime: 3 acte

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