Breaking Up Is Hard to Do, de Erik Jackson


Set at a Catskills resort in 1960, Breaking Up Is Hard to Do is the sweetly comic story of Lois and Marge, two friends from Brooklyn in search of good times and romance over one wild Labor Day weekend. The score showcases 19 Neil Sedaka classics including "Where the Boys Are," "Sweet Sixteen," "Calendar Girl," and, of course, the chart-topping title song. Bright-eyed bombshell Lois drags the recently jilted Marge to Esther's Paradise, where they meet a zany cast of characters: Harvey Feldman, an irrepressible Borscht belt comedian; the slick, handsome headliner, Del Delmonaco; clumsy jack-of-all-trades Gabe Green; and the tough, spunky proprietress herself, Esther Simowitz. When Lois's efforts to cheer up Marge collide with Del's attempts to make himself a big star, the result is a case of mistaken identity, misdirected love and a series of hysterical hijinks-all culminating in one unforgettable end-of-summer concert. Before the weekend is over, Marge, Lois and the others will experience a little "Laughter in the Rain," tangle with "Stupid Cupid," and realize that, indeed, "Love Will Keep Us Together."

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gen: musical
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