Clean, de Edwin Sanchez


Gustavito and Junior live with their father Kiko. Kiko had married Consuelo with whom he had Junior. When she died he married her sister Esperanza with whom he had Gustavito. Esperanza ran away and Kiko came for the remaining sister Mercedes. She agreed to move in with him and look after his sons but not to have any sexual relationship until the fate of her sister had been determined. They live in New York but are from Puerto Rico. Gustavito is seven years old and begins to go to the local church. And over the next three years begins to get closer and closer to the priest until it is clear that they are in love. Mercedes known as Mercy is a seamstress and one day drag queen Norry arrives at their flat to ask her to make him a wedding dress. Junior is very antagonistic towards him and threatens to kill him. Mercy starts to make the wedding dress and over time she and Norry get to be friends. One day Norry comes across Gustavito on the underground. Gustavito is now ten. He takes him to a gay bar a teaches Gustavito how to cruise. Junior is getting increasingly suspicious of his half-brother's relationship with the priest. And smashes up the priest's car. Kiko goes to the church and sees Gustavito and the priest kissing. He takes the family back to Costa Rica. They receive a letter to say that Esperanza has died and they all go back for the funeral. Gustavito is now 15 years old. Norry has moved into their old appartment and much to his surprise realises he is in love with Mercy. Gustavito goes to the church and tells the priest that he is no longer in love with him. The priest tells him that there was nothing between them - they are both lying. When Mercy returns to the appartment. Norry tells her that he loves her and she says she loves him too and will stay when the family go back to Costa Rica. Gustavito goes to the gay bar that Norry took him to all those years before but fails to pick anyone up. After the funeral Gustavito talks with the priest who tells him that they can never be together. Kiko comes for Gustavito to go to the airport. He tells his son that if he stays with the priest he will kill him. Gustavito puts his father's hands around his throat and tells him to go ahaed. Kiko leaves. Gustavito goes back to the priest and they introduce each other to God.

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