Con Artists, de Finegan Kruckemeyer


Max and Millie are the orphaned children of the greatest con artist that ever lived, Maximilian Montague Morris. When they are caught stealing a gold watch in London, the pair finds themselves on a convict ship bound for Van Diemens Land, a prison colony at the end of the earth. Sent to opposite ends of the island and forced to work for the awful Guard Grisholm, all the pair can rely on, are their cons. Using various disguises, trickery, sneakery and pokery, follow the brave pair's exploits as they overcome cannibals, invent the Tasmanian Tiger, rescue poor Clumsy Jane, and eventually discover that what lies at the end of so much badness, may be more than they ever dreamed. 'the play is part fairytale, part neo-Dickensian epic, written with skill and a spirit of lightness' - the Mercury

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