Continental Divide, de Oliver Hailey


Lucille and Cullum are wealthy New Yorkers living as virtual prisoners in their lavish Fifth Avenue apartment, the entire block being held in a state of siege by rebelling domestic servants. They are, however, allowed a visit by their new in-laws, "Mr. John" and Mae, who hail from Arkansas and qualify as simple folk themselves. Thereafter the complications multiply uproariously, as the urbane Cullum struggles (at no small peril) to be civil to the surly Mr. John (who is in the garbage business and a confessed murderer as well); while his wife tries to persuade Mae (who is dazzled by "money people") that she need not repay their hospitality by cleaning house furiously and doling out copious samples of her homemade pickled pigs feet. And so it goes until, in a final irony, Lucille (with Mr. John) runs the blockade disguised as her house guest—leaving Cullum to hold the fort and fend off the down-home ministrations of her starry-eyed replacement.

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gen: comedie
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