Contractul (Il contratto), de Eduardo De Filippo


Geronta Sebezio lives in rural areas, and farmers consider it a miracle worker. Here comes the sergeant, accompanied by a journalist, who warned by anonymous letters, performs investigations. Geronta says that fame comes to him from when he "resurrected" from apparent death, his servant Isidoro. Since then, many have turned to him to resurrect relatives and his studio is filled with expressions of gratitude. Geronta attributes his power to the "chain of love" that should surround the dead, by his family. In fact, to its beneficiaries is to sign a contract that commits them to love their relatives and to treat them with justice at the time of the will. It is then called by the family Trocina, which declared dead the head of the family, signing a contract, they are ready to fight for the inheritance. Geronta, falsely selfless, he manages to get them to agree, pocketing the money. Also want to give a large sum to the poorest of the family who, struck by luck, it is believed to be miraculously cured Geronta and demonstrating a "new life" given to him by miracle worker.

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gen: comedie
lungime: 3 acte

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