Die Firma dankt, de Lutz Hübner


The company has got a new management team that has still not announced its. Adam Krusenstern, the 40-something head of the development department, is the only employee invited to a weekend at the company's guest house, where he is possibly supposed to get to know members of the new board. Mayumi, the young, attractive assistant, unsettles him with her friendly, solicitous manner. His encounters with the new head of human resources, Hansen, und Ella Goldmann, who introduces herself as a coach and representative of an assessment centre, do not go any better. The studiedly casual, unconventional behaviour of the intern Sandor is an additional irritation for Krusenstern, who places great emphasis on good manners at work. After an hour lazing around in the sauna and a relaxing round on the golf course, they decide to throw a party together in the evening, at which point Krusenstern is finally overtaken by utter bewilderment. Is there anyone here who wants to work? What will happen to his other colleagues in middle management? Is Krusenstern just gambling away his job by being inflexible and overly straight-laced? And which of the people present is really his opponent?

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