Ditegli sempre di sì, de Eduardo De Filippo


Michael, apparently cured of madness, has just been released from the mental hospital and returns home to his sister Teresa, the only one to know the truth. The woman, in her absence, he rented a room to a young actor, Louis Road. Michele, whose madness is hidden behind an apparent normality, combines a series of trouble, because it literally everything that is being said. In the second act the scene moves to the house of his friend Vincent, in dispute with his brother, with whom, he says, will make peace only after his death. Thus, during lunch for the birthday of Vincenzo, already cheered by a poem in which he performs cemetery Louis Road, comes a funeral wreath sent by his brother. Also Michael with a knife chasing the young Louis in an attempt to operate on him, because he believes crazy. But Teresa reveals that the real crazy is Michael, who returns to the asylum.

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gen: comedie
lungime: 2 acte

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