Doll, de Erik Jackson


A twisted love child of Charles Ludlam, Christopher Durang and Pamela Anderson, Doll is an anachronism-strewn comic bastardization of Henrick Ibsen's classic drama A Doll's House, told in Erik Jackson's signature style of heartfelt camp. With a heavy dose of glamour and, of course, a heaping helping of humor, Doll marries two icons of womanhood, Ibsen's indelible character Nora Helmer and the plastic perfection of the Barbie doll. "Hilarious. . . irreverent. . . The most inspired comedy of the season," says the New York Blade, while Citysearch crows, "Abounds with jokes, sight gags and double entendres. If Ibsen's rolling over in his grave, it's only to get a better view."

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