Dr Egg and The Man with No Ear, de Catherine Fargher


$14.00 PDF download add to cart read extract copy licensing production rights Preview the full script online, with an AustralianPlays.org subscription preview full script DR EGG AND THE MAN WITH NO EAR by Catherine Fargher A sad man has lost his ear and his wife in an unfortunate accident with a snappy bull terrier. His wife dead, he tries to live a happy life with his young daughter, but he cannot overcome his craving for a new ear. One day he locates a mysterious scientist, Dr Egg, and is offered a previously unthinkable possibility; Dr Egg can try to grow him a new ear. But first he needs a small piece of flesh. The Man refuses but is increasingly tortured by his desire for the ear. Finally his curious daughter sneaks out of home and finds her way to Dr Egg’s laboratory to give him the flesh herself. Before their very eyes, the ear grows, but it does not stop there. A new life is made. And it looks a lot like her. Should her creation live or die? Dr Egg, the Daughter, and the Man are faced with a dilemma.

adaugat de roxanatenea

nr. personaje:

2 femei

2 barbati

gen: comedie
lungime: nu stiu

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