Eroina din Potsdam (Die Heldin von Potsdam), de Theresia Walser


The action is based on a real occurrence in 1994. After a serious fall, an unemployed woman, the mother of three children, pretended that she had protected an old lady against a group of skinheads and been wounded. After several days of media attention, making the most of this supposedly heroic deed, she admitted she had not told the truth. Paula Wündrich, the main character, is also without a job and going downhill socially. She is made a public "heroine" after having claimed in hospital, where she is lying severely wounded, that she saved a Turkish woman from skinheads who then threw her out of the train. The story is thankfully and greedily taken up by the media as a demonstration of real civil courage in the face of frightening Neo-Nazis. Paula at first enjoys the attention she thus receives before recognizing that the lies presented by society as truth are much worse and even urgently sought as a confirmation. So Paula finally admits to her lie on television so as not to play along but rather uphold her own truth and real identity.

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