Floor covering, de Vladimir Presniakov , Oleg Presniakov


We follow two friends as they are renovating their new one-room flat in a poor tenement house somewhere in some Russian town. Under the cheap linoleum floor they find the body of a dead man, and instead of going to the authorities they agree to get rid of the corpse – but how? Soon, the landlord enters and discovers that the dead man is his brother. The trio commences a delirious odyssey to get rid of the body. A journey leads them from a wedding party at a bunch of drunken people in the flat above theirs to the busy arrival hall in the airport where they find a sleeping man similar to the dead man – who turns out to be alive after all. The play is about the living dead and is packed with peculiar characters. You are advised to leave your sanity at home and let yourself slither down the stream of insanity.

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