Gennareniello, de Eduardo De Filippo


On the terrace of a building dialogue Gennareniello and the young schoolteacher Anna. Gennareniello Concetta is married and lives with her son Tommasino, slow and full of tics, and the spinster sister and painter. He is dedicated to useless inventions and allows Matthew, drawing-master, not to pay for the room rented in exchange for technical projects of his inventions. Driven by his friends, Gennareniello woos Anna, but is surprised by Concetta: when an argument between the two, after which Gennareniello leaves the marital home. His friends dissuade him and at the same time laugh at him, and the "acchittano" by dandy. The wife defends their dignity offended and riaccoglie at home.

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gen: comedie
lungime: nu stiu

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