Gli esami non finiscono mai, de Eduardo De Filippo


William Hope presents the representation of his life. To indicate the passage of time, it will serve three fake beards. The action begins at graduation. Boyfriend with Gigliola, undergoes the examination of future in-laws that claim from him a prestigious career. He married, has two children, but her life is always dependent people, who observes and judges. In fact, when falls in love with young Bonaria, clashes with the chorus of self-righteous, led by Furio La Spina and his best friend, who has a secret affair with his wife. William continues to age alone. To find peace, locks herself in the house in silence, pretending to be sick. The family members assist him, hoping in the liberating death. When it is time, not even for the funeral of its provisions are met. William followed his funeral crossing the stage as an actor who greets the audience in the theater of false pleasantries with relatives and friends.

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gen: comedie
lungime: 3 acte

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